Undergraduate Student Research Opportunities

Undergraduate students at Iowa State University have many opportunities to work alongside faculty on a variety of research projects. Working with a professor on a research project provides students hands-on, practical experience, enhances a student’s academics, and provides students a mentor. On-Campus, Paid Undergraduate Research Opportunities Below is a list of current undergraduate research opportunities for electrical, computer, and software engineering students.

If you are interested in working on a particular type of project not listed above, please view additional undergraduate research listings on the university’s website, contact your academic advisor, or visit electrical and computer engineering professors’ websites and review their research activities. If any of these research activities interest you, please contact the professor. Off-Campus Undergraduate Research Opportunities Several organizations and universities offer summer and other research opportunities for undergraduate students from any university. Below are a few of these opportunities:


Undergraduate Student Research

The NASA Iowa Space Grant Consortium is pleased to release the announcement for our undergraduate research and merit scholarship programs. Check out the information posted on ISGC’s website at ISGC undergraduate research and merit scholarship programs.

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