Development of Instrumentation for Magnetic Nondestructive Testing

Project Title: Development of Instrumentation for Magnetic Nondestructive Testing

Anticipated Student Tasks and Responsibilities: The student will be directly involved in designing and building a magnetic sensor for nondestructive evaluation working with Dr. Jiles, Dr. Nlebedim, and graduate student Orfeas Kypris.  In addition, the student will interact with others in the laboratory to gain an up-close view into other research activities including work on magnetic materials for sensor applications, transcranial magnetic stimulation of human brain for diagnostic and therapeutic treatment of neurological disorders, computer aided simulation of magnetic components and the effects of microstructure on magnetic properties.

Qualifications: The student should have knowledge and experience with LabView.

Appropriate Student Majors or Programs: Electrical Engineering (EE); Physics

Hours of Work Offered Per Week: 10 per week

Paid or Unpaid: Paid – $10 per hour

Supervisor: Ikenna Nlebedim (

How to Apply: Contact the supervisor directly to apply for this undergraduate research position. Include a resume.

Deadline to Apply: No deadline