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Business Cards 

Submit the following to the department secretary:



•Address (room/building)

•Last four digits of your phone

•Last four digits of your fax (3637 for Main Office)


•If you want cell number or personal URL, please include that information

•If you are not a new hire, a staff member, or a faculty with a title change, please include your Incentive Account number ($31/250)

ECpE Committee Roster (Updated 21 SEP 2020)









Department Secretary: ecpe_mainofficesecretary@iastate.edu, 515-294-2664

Contact the secretary in the Main Office to assist you with making room reservations, and logistics/scheduling of visitors and seminars.

Professional Headshots
Professional headshots are available through the ISU Photographer. To arrange, email ecpe_mainofficesecretary@iastate.edu.

The secretary is the Telecomm Coordinator for the department. If you need assistance with your phone, such as resetting a password, please contact the secretary.

Get Your Passwords
In order to set up your Voice Mail and other basic functions, you will need TWO default passwords: 1) to retrieve your voice mail, and 2) to use the web portal to set phone options. For security reasons, please change the default passwords to your personal passwords right away.

Your default passwords are available on AccessPlus. On the Employee tab, click Telephone Services in the list on the left for the information.

Get Training
Hands-on ISU training sessions that are designed for users to personalize their phone, configure voice mail, and learn other advanced features are now available for anyone who is interested.

Business Cards
Submit the following to the department secretary:

    • Name
    • Title
    • Address (room/building)
    • Last four digits of your phone
    • Last four digits of your fax (3637 for Main Office)
    • NetID
    • If you want cell number or personal URL, please include that information
    • If you are not a new hire, a staff member, or a faculty with a title change, please include your Incentive Account number ($31/250)

Travel/Leave Notification
Please use the new Out Of Office database to enter any campus absences.
Staff: Please enter your vacation leave, sick leave, etc., as well as any professional travel.
Faculty: Please enter any sick/funeral/emergency leave, as well as any personal absence or professional travel.
If you have any questions, please email the department secretary.

Seminar/Visitor Logistics and Agenda Scheduling
Contact the department secretary to make all speaker arrangements. Provide account information, spending levels, constraints, contact information for the visitors, deadlines, and a list of people/departments to be contacted regarding meetings.

Visitor Parking Permits
To obtain a parking permit for a visitor, please email the department secretary with the following information:

    • Complete name of visitor
    • Company/Affiliation
    • Purpose for visit
    • First day on campus
    • Last day on campus (maximum of 3 consecutive days)
    • License plate number (if known, else state/county of plate)
    • Mailing address of visitor, if you want permit mailed in advance (must have 5 business days)

Test/Exam Assistance
Printing: If you need tests/exams printed for a class, email them to the department secretary with specific instructions including quantity, single- or double-sided, stapled or not, color or black/white.  If you need them in less than 2 hours, call to confirm.  If you do not receive a confirmation of receipt email from the department secretary within 2 hours of needing the exams, call to confirm.

Proctoring: While the Main Office cannot support in-room proctoring for accommodated testing, we can schedule a room and assist with setting up students to test.  Email or drop off the exam to the department secretary  with necessary details (such as length of time, limitations on books/notes/calculator/etc) – please follow-up with a phone call to ensure accuracy of the process you need to be followed.

Conference Room Reservations & Use
Email the department secretary or one of our Student Workers to reserve conference rooms (2222 Coover, 2205, 3138 Coover; 3043/3041 ECpE Bldg. Addition; or 353 Durham). 2222 is always in conference mode, 3043/3041 is always in lecture mode. Priority Usage information is below for each room. When you use the conference rooms, you must have a faculty member present. You are responsible for cleaning up after you are done using the room.

Conference room reservation checklist and usage

Catering Options for Meetings/Events


Department HR Liaison: Sara K Harris, skharris@iastate.edu, 515.294.1097
Contact Sara regarding such topics as hiring and supervising; Promotion and Tenure; Reclassifications; as well as hosting visitors (for more than 1 week), summer salary, buy-outs, travel grants (for faculty and students); and reporting injury. Forms and information can be found on CyBox under FACULTY MATTERS & FORMS.

P&T Assistance
If you have any questions about the P&T process, or any deadlines, requirements, templates, etc., please contact Sara.

Student Travel Support Requests
As a reminder, the ECpE department and GPSS provide travel support to graduate students. Please ask your students to check out the Leave and Conference Travel Policies page to find complete information on form to complete when preparing to travel to a professional conference.

First Report of Injury
Report the incident within 24 hours.

For additional information on university policies, procedures, and benefits, visit the ISU Human Resource Services website.

Faculty Professional Development Assignment (FPDA) Program
If you would like to submit an application for FPDA, please review the website on the Provost’s site and submit your paperwork to the Department Chair no later than September 15 (same deadline every year). If you have questions, please speak with Sara. Templates and information can be found on Cybox [FY2018 FTG and FPDA…].

Foreign Travel Grants
Applications for Foreign Travel Grants are roughly the same time each year. Templates and information can be found on Cybox [FY2018 FTG and FPDA…].

  • For Travel between AUG 16 current year and MAY 15:
    • Due date to ECpE is 5PM, first Friday in September
  • For Travel between JAN 17 next year and AUG 15:
    • Due date to ECpE is 5PM, Friday of Dead Week in December
  • For Travel between MAY 16 next year and JAN 16:
    • Due date to ECpE is 5PM, Friday before Spring Break in March



Website, Publications, and Publicity: College of Engineering Communications Specialist
Contact the College of Engineering Communications Specialist for any communications related items, such as website updates, story ideas, publicity, etc. The communications specialist handles all print and online publicity for the department.

Online Calendar for Seminars and Events 
The communications specialist also manages the ECpE Calendar of Events. If you have an event that you want posted on the calendar, please let him know well in advance to get the best publicity.



Electronics Technology Group: ETG, etg@iastate.edu)
If you have a computing issue in the lab, go online and submit a Support Request Form.

If you wish to reserve equipment such as laptops, camcorders, and projectors for check-out, please contact etg@iastate.edu. If you need a laser pointer, we have those in the Main Office – please see the department secretary or one of the Student Workers. NOTE: Remotes for 2222 and 3138 are to remain in the room – do NOT remove.