External Advisory Council

The External Advisory Council for the Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering (ECpE) is a group of industry and academic experts, as well as alumni of the department, who advise the department on ways to improve and ensure that our degree programs continue to excel and meet the needs of employers in industry and academia.

External Advisory Members


  • Nicholas J. Multari, Principle Program Manager, Cybersecurity Research, Pacific Northwest National Lab (PNNL) (Member since Fall 2010)


  • Chaz Beck, Software Engineer, Microsoft
  • Tyson Benson, Attorney at Law, Harness Dicky (Member since Spring 2013)
  • Rob Bowen, Senior Engineering Manager, ASIC & FPGA Design – Security Applications, Government Systems, Rockwell Collins (Member since Spring 2011)
  • Sarah Campie, Director of Network Design, Voice Engineering, and Voice Automation, Union Pacific Railroad (Member since Fall 2013)
  • Candace Charity, Retired, Hewlett Packard (Member since Spring 2014)
  • Emeka Anyanwu, Director, Engineering Support, Kansas City Power & Light (Member since Spring 2016)
  • Sam Ellis, Program Director, Hybrid Cloud Development at IBM (Member since Fall 2010)
  • Bob Erger, Senior Staff Software Engineer, Schneider Electric (Member since Spring 2010)
  • Ryan Hammond, Software Engineer, Cybersecurity, Boeing Research and Technology (Member since Spring 2012)
  • Jay Roltgen, Software Engineering Team Leader, Garmin International, Inc. (Member since Spring 2016)
  • Michelle (Moseman) Miller, Senior Director, Population Health Development, Cerner (Member since Spring 2013)
  • Albert (Bert) Nelson, CEO, Applied Superconductor, Ltd. (Member since Spring 2011)
  • Sasha Oster, Senior Electrical Engineer, Advanced Technology Center, Rockwell Collins (Member since Spring 2013)
  • Christopher Ruckman, Lead Electrical Engineer, Burns & McDonnell (Member since Spring 2013)
  • Terry Ryan, Manager, Electrical, Electronic, Hybrid & Software Development, John Deere Construction and Forestry Division (Member since Spring 2013)
  • Jim Todsen, Engineering Director, Texas Instruments (Member since Fall 2013)
  • Natasha Khan, Director, Asset Management, Planning & Design, B&V Energy (Member since Spring 2015)
  • Adam Literski, Electrical Engineer 2, Renewable Energy, B&V Energy (Sub since Spring 2015)
  • Tyson Stichka, Senior Member of Technical Staff, Non-Volatile Product Engineering, Micron Technology, Inc. (Member since Fall 2015)
  • Yonghua Chen, Senior Director, Seagate Technology (Member since Spring 2016)
  • Liu Qiao, Technical Director, Software, Electronic, and Mechanical Systems (SEMS) Corporate Research Laboratory, 3M Center (Member since Spring 2016)
  • Eric Larson, 3M Center (Sub since Spring 2016)
  • Sanjoy Mitter, Mass. Institute of Technology (Member since Spring 2016)
  • Daniel L. Mineck (Past Chair), Retired, Alliant Energy Corporation and University of Iowa (Member since Spring 1999)