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The Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering (ECpE) aims to be a leader in combining biology, physics, mathematics, and engineering concepts to make advancements at the intersection of these disciplines.


Bioengineering Poster

The department’s research in this area focuses on:

  • Bioinformatics and systems biology
    • Atomic Force Microscopy
    • Genome sequencing and assembly
    • Integrated modeling of metabolic networks
  • BioMEMS and Bio-optics
    • Bio-inspired devices and systems, particularly involving sensors and biomimetics
    • Design, fabrication, and measurement of high-throughput microscale and nanoscale devices
    • Lab-on-a-chip microsystems
  • Bioimaging
    • Diagnostic and therapeutic effectiveness of medical ultrasound technology for tissue engineering
    • Magnetic Resonance Imaging (MRI) signal processing
    • Transcranial magnetic stimulation

This research has applications in the areas of agriculture, bioinformatics, genetics, medicine, and systems biology.


  • ECpE researchers are leading an interdisciplinary project to study the effects of gravity on pathogen resistance.
  • Department researchers have partnered with the Walter Reed National Military Medical Center and other organizations to develop new diagnostic and treatment techniques using transcranial magnetic stimulation.
  • ECpE Researchers are developing an instrument with the scale, flexibility and resolution needed to study how genes and environmental conditions affect plant traits.

Associated Faculty

Bigelow medTimothy Bigelow

Ultrasound systems to treat cancer and infections, physical properties of tissue using backscattered ultrasound signals, bioeffects for ultrasound safety and therapy
Core Research Area: Communications and signal processing

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Julie Dickerson

Systems biology, bioinformatics, pattern recognition, data visualization, real-time sensor networks

Core Research Area: Communications and signal processing; secure and reliable computing

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Aleksandar Dogandzic

Statistical signal processing theory and applications

Core Research Area: Communications and signal processing;

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Liang Dong

MEMS, lab on a chip, microfluidics, biomimetics and bioinspiration, biosensors, nanophotonics, cell/tissue engineering, solar cells

Core Research Area: Microelectronics and photonics Strategic Plan Area: Bioengineering

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Jiles-Mug-WEBDavid C. Jiles

Nonlinear and hysteretic behavior of magnetic materials; magnetoelasticity, magnetostriction, and magnetomechanical effects; development of novel magnetic materials; and applications of magnetic measurements to nondestructive evaluation.

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Jaeyoun Kim

Photonics, plasmonics, application of optical nanostructures for bioengineering, optical BioMEMS, bio-mimetic optics

Core Research Area: Microelectronics and photonics; bioengineering

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Meng Lu

Optical sensors, Biomedical imaging, Sensors for molecular diagnostics, Photonic devices





Nathan Neihart

Radio-frequency analog and mixed-signal IC design, MIMO, cognitive radio Core Research Area: VLSI

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Santosh Pandey

Microfluidics, bioelectronics, bioMEMS, behavioral neuroscience

Core Research Area: Microelectronics and photonics; Bioengineering



Que_Long web

Long Que

Utilizing and synthesizing micro and nanoscale materials, developing novel micro and nanodevices, micro and nanosystems to advance the research in life science, biomedical engineering, renewable energy harvesting and storage.

Core Research Area: Microelectronics and photonics


Anwesha Sarkar

Measuring single molecule interaction forces and binding kinetics of protein-protein interaction or ligand-receptor interaction on live cells with Atomic Force microscopy (AFM), high resolution imaging and nanomechanical characterization of biomolecules, biosensors and live cells, developing high throughput artificial-intelligence-driven Atomic Force Microscopy (AI-AFM) approaches.

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Namrata Vaswani

Statistical and sequential signal processing, recursive sparse reconstruction and compressive sensing, medical imaging

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Bioengineering Research Centers, Institutes, and Laboratories

Iowa State researchers are creating an ultrasound therapy system to help eliminate cancer.

Research Projects and Publications

For complete information on research projects and publications in this area, consult individual faculty members’ websites, our graduate student thesis archives, and individual research center and laboratory websites.

Graduate Student Research Areas

Bioengineering research at Iowa State encompasses the following core areas of graduate study in electrical and computer engineering: