Micro/Nano Systems Laboratory


Iowa State University’s Micro/Nano Systems Laboratory is operated by Assistant Professor Santosh Pandey.

We study the behavior and physiological changes in live microorganisms and biological cells in special electronic and microfluidic devices being designed in our lab. As we know, the way an organism reacts or responds to its environment (i.e. changes in temperature, pH, attractants, deterrents, and other organisms around it) is related and intertwined with its genetic and molecular makeup. Unraveling this complex interrelationship between behavioral changes and biological makeup is a major goal of our research.

At present, we are designing experiments to measure the physical parameters of locomotion for the microorganisms including velocity, force measurements, and perceived changes to the physical environment. Our projects involve hands-on experience for students from the design of experiments to fabrication and electrical measurement.


  • 1050 ECpE Building Addition, Iowa State University


  • Transmission microscopes
  • Chip fabrication instruments and gadgets
  • Microfluidic handling tools
  • CAD design tools
  • Microelectronics testing platforms and imaging tools