Graduation from the Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering (ECpE) with your B.S. degree is a simple process—after all, you’ve already completed the difficult classes. To ensure you meet requirements for graduation, consult the instructions below.

One important piece of advice: Check your mail (e-mail and postal) during your last semester. You will receive many official pieces of mail from Iowa State that semester including graduation procedures and invitations to ceremonies and receptions. Many of these forms must be read and responded to in a timely manner.

Graduation Process

  1. Academic advisors send the student an e-mail asking him or her to come to the ECpE Student Services Office to register for final classes. This happens during the normal registration time prior to the beginning of the student’s final term.
  2. The academic advisor and student look through the degree requirements and make any changes needed on the student’s DARS audit at this meeting.
  3. The advisor gives the student a graduation application that must be completed and turned in to the Graduation Office (Room 10A Enrollment Services Building).
  4. The student must sign up for the proper classes to ensure all graduation requirements are met.
  5. The student receives a notice to meet with his or her academic advisor again. This will happen about the second week of the student’s final semester. The advisor and student will double check everything to make sure the paperwork is in order. The student will receive a copy of his or her final DARS audit at this time.
  6. Graduation! This is often a once in a lifetime event, so enjoy it and invite your family and friends to attend the ceremony. Check with the ISU Graduation Office for details on commencement ceremonies.