DARS Audit and Registration Access Numbers

DARS (Degree) audit: The Degree audit is a categorical listing of courses that satisfy the minimum requirements for graduation in a specific curriculum for a specific catalog year. The information is generated from the student’s permanent record indicating met and unmet course requirements. This tool is intended to assist the student and advisor during registration and advising sessions. This is an unofficial record and does not take the place of a transcript.

Registration Access Number (RAN): The RAN is a number undergraduate students need in order to register for classes.


How to get a Degree audit and/or RAN

Students may view and print their Degree audit online through AccessPlus.

Students will receive their RAN via email prior to registration from a member of the ECpE Student Services Office unless:

  • the student is listed in AccessPlus as graduating the next term.
  • the student is in Engr 101, CprE/EE 261, or CprE/EE 166
  • the student has a term or cumulative GPA below 2.0 and/or is on Academic Probation or Warning.

If you meet any of the three criteria above, you must make an appointment with your academic advisor in order to receive your RAN.  In most cases, you will receive an email from your advisor requesting you make an appointment with them.


Correcting your Degree Audit

Sometimes the degree audit is incorrect. In such a case, it is the student’s responsibility to talk with their academic advisor. advisors can initiate corrections to an audit. After the college makes the change, the student can view it on his or her degree audit online at AccessPlus.

See the ISU Catalog for more information on Degree audits and RANs.