Faculty Admin and Committee List

I.         Administrative Committee

The Administrative Committee membership is appointed by the Department Chair to assist the Department Chair in carrying out the administrative duties.


Members       (https://www.ece.iastate.edu/ecpe-directory/department-chairs-office/)

Department Chair

Associate Chair

Director of Research (DoR)

Director of Graduate Education (DoGE) Director of Undergraduate Education (DoUGE)

Director of Student Professional Development (DoSPD)

Chair of Strategic Planning & Implementation Committee

Chair of Accreditation Committee

Electronics Technology Group Manager (ETG)

Fiscal Coordinator

HR Liaison

Student Services Manager (SS)



II.      Standing Committees


a.      Academic Committees

i.          Research Area Committees (RACs)

The research area committees (RACs) shall be made up of members of the faculty with common interests in a particular research area.

ii.        Curriculum Committee

iii.      Graduate Studies Committee


b.     Faculty Affairs Committees

i.          Promotion, Tenure, and Post Tenure Review Committee

ii.        Honors and Awards Committee

iii.      Faculty and Staff Recruiting Committee


c.      Advisory and Oversight Committees

i.          Infrastructure Planning and Development Committee

ii.        Election and Oversight Committee

iii.      External Advisory Council


III.   Ad‐Hoc Committees

Ad‐Hoc Committees in the department are established to conduct departmental business that falls outside the responsibilities of the departmental standing committees.


a.      Research Committee

b.     Strategic Planning & Implementation Committee

c.      Seminar Series Committee

d.     ABET/Accreditation Committee

e.      Student Professional Development (SPD) Committee

f.       Senior Design Committee

g.      Undergraduate Recruitment and Retention Committee