Mehl Professorship in Computer Engineering

The Ross Martin Mehl and Marylyne Munas Mehl Professorship in Computer Engineering was created in 2008 by a donor who wishes to remain anonymous. Endowed professorships, one of the most esteemed positions in academia, are awarded only to the top tier of faculty. A professorship holder is engaged with all aspects of the university and often directs programs and mentors fellow faculty and graduate students, dramatically enriching the academic experience for students. The position commands considerable prestige within the university community and in the larger academic and professional field. Additionally, funding from endowed professorships provide faculty members with resources to initiate preliminary research ventures that produce data necessary to jump-start larger efforts or secure research grants, build or acquire equipment and technology needed to apply state-of-the-art research techniques, and travel to gain insights and solutions to critical problems by networking with researchers from academia and industry.

The Mehl Professorship supports research and related activities of an ECpE professor. The inaugural recipient of this endowed professorship was Srinivas Aluru. The position currently is held by Manimaran Govindarasu.