Faculty Candidate Seminar with Maruf Ahamed: Mastering Interactive Learning: A Path to Effective Teaching in Engineering Education


November 30, 2023    
11:00 am - 12:00 pm


3043 ECpE Bldg Addition
Coover Hall, Ames, Iowa

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Title: Mastering Interactive Learning: A Path to Effective Teaching in Engineering Education

Abstract: Interactive learning is a comprehensive approach aimed at fostering active student engagement, departing from the traditional passive mode of instruction-based learning. In interactive learning, students are actively involved in various course-related activities during class sessions, encouraging them to participate beyond mere observation and note-taking. This dynamic method not only increases student accountability but also boosts self-confidence and self-motivation, ultimately leading to more satisfying educational outcomes. To effectively implement interactive learning, educators need to prepare themselves with a pedagogical perspective and incorporate innovative teaching methods, such as problem-based learning, project-based learning, and challenge-based learning. This seminar will showcase a multitude of innovative techniques for transforming conventional engineering courses into interactive learning experiences, catering to classrooms of varying sizes and diverse student populations. Furthermore, this seminar will explore the utilization of educational tools like Canvas, Piazza, and Discord, among others, to facilitate interaction within engineering classes both during and outside of scheduled sessions. Finally, I will draw from my personal experiences at Iowa State University to provide practical examples and guidelines for seamlessly integrating interactive learning into engineering courses.

Speaker Bio: Md Maruf Ahamed joined the Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering at Iowa State University in August 2019 and currently serves as an Assistant Teaching Professor. He holds a Master of Science degree in Electrical Engineering from the University of North Dakota, which he completed in August 2015. He is currently pursuing his PhD in Electrical Engineering at the University of North Dakota, with an expected graduation date in December 2023. Prior to his role at ISU, he worked as a full-time Lecturer in the Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering at the University of Wisconsin-Platteville starting in August 2016. Alongside his teaching responsibilities, he has actively contributed to numerous research projects, with a primary focus on areas like Wireless Communications, 5G Cellular Networks, and Fiber Optic Communications. His extensive research experience led him to serve as a technical committee member and external reviewer for various IEEE conferences and peer-reviewed journals. His current research interests encompass Real-Time Embedded System Development, Internet of Things (IoT) Devices and Security, 5G Cellular Networks, Vehicular Communication Networks, and Wireless Sensor Networks.