Electric Power and Energy Systems Webinar with Anne Kimber and Nicholas David: A Mobile Microgrid for Disaster Recovery

Date(s) - 16 Nov 2021
1:00 PM - 2:00 PM


Speakers: Anne Kimber, Director of the Electric Power Research Center at Iowa State University; and Nicholas David, Engineer with the Electric Power Research Center at Iowa State University

Title: A Mobile Microgrid for Disaster Recovery

Abstract: Microgrids are seen as a tool to improve electric power resiliency. ISU EPRC’s Nicholas David and Anne Kimber will describe the development of the ISU mobile microgrid, our utility, state government and National Lab collaborators. They will highlight some of the engineering challenges and describe next steps for the project, including the application of microgrid systems for innovative water and wastewater treatment.


  • Dr. Anne Kimber is the Director of the Electric Power Research Center (EPRC) at Iowa State University. She works with ISU power program faculty research teams and industry partners to build collaborations that advance education and research in electric power systems. Together they work to solve the most challenging problems of the electric grid, from development of better tools for customer-side energy efficiency, demand-response and AMI analysis, to projects on energy storage integration at multiple scales ranging from microgrid development to large scale co-optimized grid expansion planning. EPRC’s industry members jointly select and fund projects of common interest to the group, and also participate in ISU DOE and NSF grants, as well as in grants from non-profits and state agencies. Before joining ISU in 2014, Anne worked for over 14 years with Iowa municipal electric, gas and water utilities as the Energy Services Director of the Iowa Association of Municipal Utilities. She has a B.S.in Mechanical Engineering, a PE in Mechanical Engineering and a PhD in aquatic ecology.
  • Dr. Nicholas David earned the degree of B.S. in electrical engineering from the University of Wisconsin – Platteville, and the M.S. and PhD in the same field from Iowa State University. Between degrees, he worked in the wind power industry. In graduate school, he studied power electronic control of wind turbines and developed new techniques for grid integration and ancillary services. He is currently a research and demonstration engineer at the Electric Power Research Center at Iowa State University. His interests are in renewable energy, power generation and storage, electric transportation, and power converter design.

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