Graduate Seminar with Shikha Sharma: Planning Electric Grid with Centralized and Distributed Technologies

Date(s) - 13 Nov 2019
1:10 PM - 2:00 PM

3043 ECpE Building Addition

Speaker: Shikha Sharma, ECpE Graduate Student

Advisers: James McCalley and Ian Dobson

Title: Planning Electric Grid with Centralized and Distributed Technologies

Abstract: My Ph.D. dissertation is on “Long-term Planning for distributed and centralized investments via co-optimized expansion planning of generation, transmission, and distribution (CEP-GTD)”. The focus of this work is to quantify the value of planning distributed and centralized investment together.  The study utilizes and analyzes results from two different classes of power system models: long-term capacity expansion, and year-long production cost. CEP-GTD computational tool accounts for investment and operational costs, network constraints, flexibility constraints, retirements, and losses. CEP-GTD is tested on a 328-node model of the US Western Interconnection.  In addition to that, a security-constrained unit-commitment model is developed to assess flexibility violations with the CEP-GTD model. In case of violations, constraints have been identified that need to be improved to meet flexibility requirements and enhance the CEP-GTD model.  This tool is coded in GAMS and solved using CPLEX.

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