Computing and Networking Systems

Our mission is to advance the theory and practice of computing and networking systems, focusing on topics such as systems performance, efficiency, security, reliability, and trustworthiness in general.

Example research initiatives include developing microarchitectures for high-integrity, security, privacy, and energy efficiency; designing embedded systems, high-speed processors, and memory systems; building advanced data storage systems; developing intermittent sensing, computing, and networking systems such as ultra-low-power IoT (Internet of Things); developing ultra-performance network systems such as those of 5G and beyond.

Current Research Areas

  • Wireless, ad hoc and sensor networks
  • Intermittent sensing, computing, and networking systems
  • Trustworthy computing and networking: QoS, security, safety, predictability etc.
  • Software-defined networking and cyber-physical-human systems
  • Optical networking
  • Data structures and algorithms for distributed computer systems
  • Middleware solutions
  • File and storage systems
  • Edge, cloud and big data systems
  • High-performance computing systems


Faculty in This Group

  • Md Maruf Ahamed
  • Chris Chu
  • Henry Duwe
  • Manimaran Govindarasu
  • Yong Guan
  • Berk Gulmezoglu
  • Doug Jacobson
  • Phillip Jones
  • Ahmed Kamal
  • Ashfaq Khokhar
  • Sang W. Kim
  • Daji Qiao
  • Diane Rover
  • Mohamed Selim
  • Arun K. Somani
  • Goce Trajcevski
  • Akhilesh Tyagi
  • Cheng Wang
  • Zhengdao Wang
  • Mat Wymore
  • Joseph Zambreno
  • Hongwei Zhang (Group Chair)
  • Mai Zheng

Research Centers