Internet-Scale Event and Attack Generation Environment


ISEAGE is the world's first virtual cyber security laboratory of its kind

Iowa State University’s Internet-Scale Event and Attack Generation Environment (ISEAGE) is an Information Systems Security Laboratory (ISSL) with ISU’s Information Assurance Center.

ISEAGE (pronounced “ice age”) security testbed is designed and dedicated to creating a virtual Internet for the purpose of researching, designing, and testing cyber defense mechanisms. The ISEAGE testbed provides a controlled environment where real world attacks can be played out against different configurations of equipment. To date, ISEAGE has received over $3.5 million in funding. It contains a warehouse of attack tools that are able to simulate point-to-point and distributed attacks against test configurations. The ISEAGE testbed represents a new paradigm in the area of security research and enables new and innovative research needed to solve the current security problems facing the world today. ISEAGE also supports product testing for companies and other organizations.

In addition to the full-scale ISEAGE testbed, several smaller versions have been developed. ISECube is a small version of the full-scale ISEAGE that is designed for smaller applications and can be located at the user’s location. ISEBox is a version of ISEAGE that is designed to support cyber defense competitions. ISEBox has supported cyber defense competitions with over 100 students.

ISEAGE was developed by Professor Doug Jacobson.

Faculty Members

  • Doug Jacobson (Laboratory Supervisor)