Withdrawal means to completely withdraw from all of your classes for the current semester. Any work you have done up in the current semester to the date of your withdrawal does not become a part of your permanent record. There are several reasons a student may wish to withdraw:

  • Long-term illness
  • Active military duty
  • Poor academic performance
  • Dropping the only summer course(s) on your schedule

Deadline for Withdrawal

The deadline to withdraw for a semester is the same as the last day to drop classes (see the ISU Academic Calendar). Withdrawing will not use any of your drops.

You may want to check how withdrawing will affect any financial aid you may have received and your eligibility for your parents’ health insurance. Withdrawal must be done in consultation with your academic advisor.

How to Withdrawal

Dropping all of your classes on AccessPlus does not mean you have officially withdrawn.

Before classes begin, you may notify the registrar’s office of your decision to cancel your registration. After classes begin, you and your academic advisor must fill out a withdrawal form.

More Information

See the ISU Catalog’s Withdrawal section for information about refunds and credits.