ECpE Scholarships

Adolph Shane Scholarship Fund
Alvin F. Prucha
Arthur A. Collins Education Fund
Arthur Edwin Zahller Endowed Scholarship
Bob & Maria Evans
Cima Scholarship Fund
Colonel Norman D. Miller
Don K. Ford Electrical Engineering Scholarship
Donald L. & Florence E. Waidelich
Donald M. Parrish Scholarship in Electrical Engineering
Ed Jones Scholarship in Electrical and Computer Engineering
Electrical and Computer Engineering
Electrical & Computer Engineering
Garmin ECE Scholarship
George R. Town
Harry W. Thiesfeld
Henning H. Henningson
Jeffrey Vallier
John D. Cosgrove
John Davlin Scholarship
Lester and Delilah Buechler
M. L. Jack Burgess
MidAmerican Energy Foundation
Mitchell C. Dunn
Raymond & Hazel Williamson
Richard S. Young Memorial Scholarship Fund
Robert D. Albertson Memorial Award
Rockwell Collins Scholarship Program
Rural Electric Cooperative Pioneers Scholarship
Sam J. Nicolino
Stanley M. Clasen Memorial Scholarship
Steven C. Jasper Memorial Scholarship
Texas Instruments Scholarship for Analog Electrical Engineering
Wallace C. Caldwell
Wayne S. Bonebright

Shared Scholarships

Alcoa Foundation
Alliant Energy Foundation
Boeing Company
Caterpillar Foundation
Deere & Co Minority Engineering Scholarship Plan
Deere Foundation
Deere Foundation
Donald & Dorothy Buckingham
Douglas and Patricia Gage Scholarship in Engineering
Guy W. Morrison
JEM Memorial Engineering Scholarship
Margherita Tarr Estate
Stanley Consultants

College of Engineering Scholarships

Alfred & Elizabeth Warren
Alvin F. Prucha
Arie and Catherine Breed
Benjamin Ma Scholarship Fund
Betty Van Winkle
Building a World of Difference Renewable Energy Scholarship in Engineering
Clarence H. Ford
Claude R. & Christina A. Summers
Clayton H. Cooper
CNDE Founder’s Prize Scholarship
Darrel W. Edeker
David A. Van Winkle
David C. Lovell
David C. Moll
Deere & Company
Don P. Shafer
Donald D. Kaser
Dorothy Avery Clark & Maurice R. Clark
E2020 Scholarship
Eastern Iowa American Society for Quality Control Scholarship
Edward Henry Ohlsen
Engineering Student Leadership Development
Engineering Undergraduate Merit Scholarship
Engineer’s Week
Erben A. & Margaret H. Hunziker
Floyd Herman Cook
Frank H. Ricker Scholarship Fund
George R. & William G. Bathe
George W. Catt
Gordon Stiles
H. Stuart Kuyper
Harold L. Matt Memorial Scholarship in Engineering
Harold Langford
Harold Schneider Engineering Scholarship
Harry Oakley Price
Harvey Louis Dunker
Herb Erbe
Herbert C. James
Hunziker Family Scholarship
Jack and Dilla Cosgrove
James B. Cecil
John and Thelma Gansen Family Scholarship
John D. Cosgrove
Johnson-Engel Scholarship Endowment in Engineering
Joseph & Frances Nelson
Kenneth R. Nimmo
Kirk F. and Rae L. Malcolm & Family Engineering Scholarship
L.C. “Doc” & Lina Allen
Lane Wells
Larry J. McComber
Laurin Sabatke/J. Dale Matlack
Leon G. Williams
Lois A. & James David Waters
Lyle J. & Marcia L. Higgins
Marion and Andrew Pontius
Mary and Axel Peterson
Mary C. Thompson
Melvin R. Van Winkle
Memorial Endowment for Leslie Miller Wallace, Jr.
N. Y. C. Post – Society of American Military Engineers
National Merit Scholarship
Nelson Brothers
Noel & Ruth Smith Family
O. Robert Eddy
OPPD Nuclear Engineering Scholarship Fund
Oscar L. Bock
P. Fred Petersen
Patricia Werner Merten
Paul Emerson Morgan
Paul G. Boynton – ISU College of Engineering Scholarship
Philip Jennings
Ralph S. Millhone
Richard and Marilyn Engle
Robert Fields
Robert M. Scholz Scholarship
Robert Miles & Audrey Vellis Miles Scholarship
Rockwell Collins-Engineering Leadership Program
Roderick Seward, Flossie Ratcliffe & Helen M. Galloway
Roderick Seward, Flossie Ratcliffe & Helen M. Galloway
Roderick Seward, Flossie Ratcliffe & Helen M. Galloway
Ross and Arlene Pinkerton Education Fund
Ross White Engineering Scholarship
Stephen & Beverly Watson
Stephen E. Simon
Tau Beta Pi
Tau Beta Pi Scholars Program
Ted Ness
The College of Engineering
Van A. Mensing Memorial
Wickert Family Scholarship in Engineering