PHD Production 2010-12

Seventy-six PhD students have graduated from the ECpE department in the last two years. They have been hired as faculty at major universities, as well as for various positions in industry and at national laboratories.

Name Dissertation
Bais, Preeti Methods for Integrated Biochemical Pathway Analysis
Chen, Baozhen Integrated Bioassays for Screening Chemical and Biological Species
Labyed, Yassin Optimization and application of ultrasound attenuation estimation algorithms
Vanhemert, John Bioinformatics methods for metabolomics based biomarker detection in functional genomics studies
Zhang, Lifeng Text Mining for Systems Biology and MetNet
Zhou, Wengang Developing Virtual Reality Applications: The Design and Evaluation of Virtual Reality Development Tools for Novice Users


Name Dissertation
Das, Samarjit Particle Filtering on Large Dimensional State Spaces and Applications in Computer Vision
Ke, Lei Achievable Rates for Relay Networks Using Superposition Coding
Kumar, Naveen A Communications System Perspective for Dynamic Mode Atomic Force Microscopy, with Applications to High-density Storage and Nanoimaging
Li, Shizheng Network Flow Algorithms for Wireless Networks and Design and Analysis of Rate Compatible LDPC Codes
Lu, Wei Sparse Recovery with Partial Support and Signal Value Knowledge and Applications in Dynamic MRI
Mercado, Ramon A probabilistic approach to performance estimation at higher abstraction levels for communication based system-level design.
Qiu, Kun Expectation Maximization Hard Thresholding Methods for Sparse Signal Reconstruction
Ramalingam, Neevan Degrees of Freedom of Wireless Interference Network
Shi, Cuizhu Algebraic Approaches to Distributed Compression and Network Error Correction
Topakkaya, Hakan Interference Alignment for Wired Networks with General Message Demands
Xu, Songyan Control and diagnosis of real-time systems under finite-precision measurement of time


Name Dissertation
Abichar, Zakhia Medium access control and network planning in wireless networks
Almasaeid, Hisham Spectrum Allocation Algorithms for Cognitive Radio Mesh Networks 
Chen, Xi Practical and Context-Aware Resource Adaptation in Mobile Networks
Chun, Young Security and Prioritization in Multiple Access Relay Networks
Keung, Ka-Ming A study of on-chip FPGA system with 2D mesh network
Long, Long On Traffic Grooming and Survivability in WDM Optical Networks 
Pande, Amit Algorithms and architectures for secure embedded multimedia systems
Park, Yong-Joon Efficient Validation of Control Flow Integrity for Enhancing Computer System Security
Ramesh, Prem Aggressive and Reliable High-Performance Architectures – Techniques for Thermal Control, Energy Efficiency, and Performance Augmentation
Saleh, Mohammad Design and Operation of Optical WDM Networks with Many-To-Many Traffic Grooming
Sun, Song Redesign of Data Mining Programs


Name Dissertation
Bai, Hua Novel Sensorless Generator Control & Grid Fault Ride-Through Strategies For Variable-Speed Wind Turbines & Implementation on a New Real-Time Simulation Platform
Fu, Chuan Efficient processing of system scenarios in statistical and machine learning studies for power system operational and investment planning
Gu, Yang A multiobjective optimization approach to the operation and investment of the national energy and transportation systems
Ibanez Sopena, Eduardo High speed extended term time domain simulation for online cascading analysis of power system
Krishnan, Venkat Long-Term Power System Capacity Expansion Planning Considering Reliability and Economic Criteria
Li, Juan Evaluation of wholesale electric power market rules and financial risk management by agent-based simulations
Luo, Cheng Novel measurement based load modeling and demand side control methods for fault induced delayed voltage recovery mitigation
Silveira Leonardi, Bruno Investigation of Novel Methodologies Using Reactive Power Reserves for Online Voltage Stability Margin Monitoring and Control
Sun, Wei Reconfiguration of Power Networks Based on Graph-Theoretic Algorithms
Wu, Di Integrating Plug-In Electric Vehicles into the Electric Power System
Yan, Jie Economic Analysis for Transmission Operation and Planning
Yang, Sheng A Comprehensive Invariant Subspace-Based Framework for Power System Small-Signal Stability Analysis
Yu, Nanpeng New Optimization Techniques for Power System Generation Scheduling
Zhou, Qun A New Emergency Control Method and a Preventive Mechanism Against Cascaded Events to Avoid Large-Scale Blackouts


Name Dissertation
Chen, Tianming Capacitive sensors for measuring complex permittivity of planar and cylindrical structures
Gerdes, Ryan Physical Layer Identification: Methodology, Security, and Origin of Variation
Hu, Fu-Gang Integral equation analysis of electromagnetic wave propagation in periodic structure and error analysis of various basis functions in projection of plane waves
Jain, Sidharath Efficient methods for solving boundary integral equation in diffusive scalar problem and eddy current nondestructive evaluation
Oster, Sasha Interferometric Methods of Magneto-Optic Optical Switching
Tioh, Jin-Wei Interferometric switches for transparent networks: development and integration
Yang, Ming Techniques suitable for on chip implementation and ADC Built-in Self-test solutions for low cost and accurate ADC testing


Name Dissertation
Chakravarty, Nayan Chemical Annealing for Fabricating Low Bandgap
Liu, Yifen Polarization-diverse, broadband absorption enhancement in thin-film organic photovoltaic devices using metallic gratings
Nalwa, Kanwar Increasing the Efficiency of Organic Solar Cells by Photonic and Electrostatic-Field Enhancements
Shoeb, Juline Plasma-Surface Interactions In Nanoscale Processing: Preservation Of Low-K Integrity And Hfo2 Gate-Stack Etching With Si Selectivity
Shyam, Ashutosh (aSiGe/ncSi) superlattice thin film silicon solar cell


Name Dissertation
Al-Kofahi, Majd Securing Enterprise Networks with Statistical Node Behavior Profiling
Blakely, Benjamin Cyberprints: Identifying Cyber Attackers by Feature Analysis
Chang, Su A graph oriented approach for network forensic analysis
Idziorek, Joseph Exploiting Cloud Utility Models for Profit and Ruin (dissertation)
Khalaf, Taha Data Mixing at the Source, Relay, and in the air in Mutiple-Access Relay Networks
Lahiri, Bibudh Secure Location-Aware Communications in Energy-Constrained Wireless Networks
Muthusrinivasan, M A Composable Approach to Design of Newer Techniques for Large-Scale Denial-Of-Service Attack
Wang, Wei Dervice Oriented Architecture (SOA) Security Models
Wei, Yawen Detecting Exploit Patterns from Network Packet Streams


Name Dissertation
Gui, Kang Proving Safety Properties of Software
Jia, Ming Machine Learning Methods for Omics Data Integration
Kabala, David Visualizing Biological Data in Google Earth
Sarje, Abhinav Applications on Emerging Paradigms in Parallel Computing
Wehe, Andre Error Correction and Clustering Algorithms for Next Generation Sequencing
Yang, Xiao Large-Scale Tree Parsimony


Name Dissertation
He, Jun Analyses and Design Strategies for Fundamental Enabling Building Blocks: Dynamic Comparators, Voltage References and On-die Temperature Sensors
Wang, Jing Distributed Averaging Over Communication Networks: Fragility, Robustness and Opportunities


Name Dissertation
Duan, Jingbo Techniques suitable for on chip implementation and ADC Built-in Self-test solutions for low cost and accurate ADC testing
Tao, Chengwu Control Architectures for Spur-Free Operation in Switching
Xu, Yue Handling the complexity of routing problem in modern VLSI design
Yan, Zijun Floorplan-Guided Placement for Large-Scale Mixed-Size Designs
Zhang, Yanheng 3D Global Router: a Study to Optimize Congestion, Wirelength and Via for Circuit Layout