Leave and Conference Travel Policies

ECpE Department Leave, Travel, Grant, and Reimbursement Forms

Graduate students – please use these forms when preparing to travel to a professional conference, or when being absent for professional or personal reasons. If you have any questions, please contact Sara Harris in 2208 Coover Hall.

ECpE Graduate Student Absence Form (PDF) – complete this form in ADVANCE of any travel, whether personal or professional. It needs to be signed by your major professor and submitted to Sara Harris in 2215 Coover Hall.

You will need to have ALL receipts for your travel, including airfare, hotel/accommodations, ground transportation such as taxi or rental car, meal receipts that are detailed for ALL meals, registration, and any other expenses related to the trip. If you have any questions, please contact Finance_Delivery@iastate.edu in ADVANCE of traveling to ensure that you keep everything you need for reimbursement.  Reimbursements must be completed within 1 month (30 days) from the last date of travel. Reimbursements received after the deadline will be denied. Reimbursements will only be approved for actual expenses incurred. Prepayments for travel are not allowed. It is the awardee’s responsibility to approve their travel reimbursement through WORKDAY by the 1-month deadline.

  • The Graduate College has an online submission system for the Professional Advancement Grant. Please enter SARA K HARRIS-TALLEY as the Department Contact when completing the PAG online. This will insure your approval will get matched with your reimbursement. More information on the PAG can be found here.


Domestic Travel Checklist
Before traveling for a conference or business trip, review Iowa State’s policies on travel.

International Travel Checklist
If you are planning to travel overseas, please review this checklist.

ISU Travel Policies

Effective July 2002, travelers may choose to use Internet sites instead of ISU contracted travel agencies to purchase air tickets. You may use your personal credit card for the purchase, however, reimbursement will not be made until after the conclusion of the trip.

Travel advances will not be issued to facilitate purchases of air tickets. Documentation of the ticket, such as the Passenger Receipt coupon or a copy of the e-ticket confirmation showing the amount paid, should be attached to the travel expense reimbursement form.

To use an Iowa State University contracted travel agency to purchase an air ticket, the ISU Air Travel Policies Web page.

Iowa State University policies and procedures that include travel are located on the Controller Department’s Travel Information Web site. Iowa State University has contracts with the following travel agencies for travel services. Please turn in all original detailed receipts (meals/transportation/hotels) with your travel reimbursement form.

NOTE: If you need a consolidator for foreign travel, get a fixed quote faxed to you, forward that quote to the ECpE Secretary in the Main Office, 2215 Coover Hall. The secretary will work with an approved travel agency and ISU to get the best rate.