ECpE Mentor Program

The ECpE mentor program works to match experienced upperclassmen with freshmen interested in knowing someone that can help them out whether they are struggling with their first year or looking to get a step up on college. If you are a freshman possibly interested in networking with an older student take a look at some of our mentors. Every person on the list volunteered to help out because they think this networking is worthwhile. Here are a few more details on how the program works:


The details:

After you pick some people you think would be great mentors email us at We’ll check to see if they are still available and get right back to you. After you have a mentor, they will contact you to meet up. Want to grab some coffee? Go for it, Microsoft will take the bill. After your meeting what you guys do is really up to you, we hope to get some impromptu social meetings set from our end but it is up to you and your mentor to decide how often you want to meet and what you want to do. Some suggestions from our end:

1. Have them take a look at your resume at some point, most of our mentors have quite a bit of industry experience under their belts.

2. Set up a weekly meeting just to catch up.  

3. Ask about different classes, I’m sure they can present a pretty good opinion on a bunch of classes

4. Learn what they got involved in. There’s a ton of awesome clubs and organizations out there and they could help point you to a really awesome one. 

5. Ask about anything really. If they don’t know the answer, they certainly have the skills to either find it or show you how to find it. 

6. Get to know them. Networking is an important life skill and it’s never too soon to start meeting future engineers today. 


What to do now:

Below are the profiles of the ECpE mentors. If you would like any of these people to be your mentor, contact us (

Paul Gerver  
paul_gerver Hello! My name is Paul Gerver. I’m a Junior in Computer Engineering and Secretary of Eta Kappu Nu (HKN). I worked at IBM in Rochester, MN this past summer and continue to work with them part-time. I’ve also been a CA in Helser and studied abroad in China. If you ever need resources or have any questions, please don’t hesitate to ask!
Ian Richardson  
ian_richardson I’m a Junior in Computer Engineer with a focus area of Embedded Systems. I love building and coding and hope to work on low level hardware/software integrated upon graduation. This will be my second bachelor degree, which gives me many years of experience at the university level to help. I’m also currently the IEEE Treasurer and look forward to helping younger students.
Ellen Laird  
Ellen_Laird I’m a super, senior in EE for several reasons.  The first is because I decided to take fewer credits per semester so I wouldn’t die.  The second reason is because I spent a semester in Edinburgh, Scotland!  And the third is because I spent a semester on Co-op with RockwellCollins.  When I’m not hitting my head on a textbook I love playing soccer, hiking, and reading.  And someday I want to go into space.
Matt Bogenschultz  
 matt_bogenshcultz Hey my name is Matt Bogenschultz, I come from Stillwater, MN.  I grew up snowboarding, playing soccer, tennis, and baseball, but now that I’m in college in Iowa I mostly do schoolwork, hangout with friends/girlfriend, participate in IEEE, and enjoy life with rigor.  I’m in Electrical Engineering and am most likely going to extend my studies towards communication systems.  I plan on working after college, but I’m fairly laid-back and open minded, so anything I’m passionate about will end up running my career.  If you are a freshman who isn’t sure whether or not they fit well in this environment, come to me, I’ve been there.
Bryce Wilson  
 bryce_wilson My name is Bryce, and I am a senior in computer engineering. In addition to being an all around badass, I’m a very laid back person and lover of all things data.  My interests include programming vintage microcomputers, running, listening to music, discussing ideas, and painting.  My dream is to become self-employed in a field where I can pursue both my technical and my creative hobbies.  My favorite food is peanut butter and my favorite color pink.
James Erickson  
james_erickson I’m a senior in Computer Engineering. I enjoy most levels of programming (pretty much anything except assembly and web programming). I have interned at Telligen in Des Moines and Amazon in Seattle. I enjoy playing games (video and board), programming, and rock climbing.
Matt Mayer  
MattMayer2 My name is Matt Mayer, and I am a senior in Computer Engineering. I have an interest in both low-level C programming and experience with many applications of Java development (Java web applications, user interfaces, Android development, etc.). I have interned at Telligen and Garmin as a software engineer. In my spare time, I enjoy playing video / board games, racket sports (tennis, ping pong, racquetball), geocaching, and hiking.
Paul Uhing  
Paul Uhing  Hi, my name is Paul Uhing and I am a Senior in Electrical Engineering. I am from Brookfield, WI, a suburb of Milwaukee. I was involved in FIRST Robotics in High School. That experience lead me to majoring in Electrical Engineering. It also lead me to focusing in Control Systems.I’m involved with IEEE and a few other organizations on campus. One of the coolest groups I’m involved with is L.A.S.E.R. which is part of M:2:I in the Aerospace Department. The goal of the group is to  build RC planes powered using renewable energy sources like solar panels and hydrogen fuel cells. In my down time in enjoy hanging out with friends, playing video games, and sports like racquetball and ultimate Frisbee. I defiantly feel like over my time at Iowa State I have learned things that I wish I knew sooner and would appreciate the opportunity to pass some of these things on to you.
Jeremiah Janssen  
I am 21 years old and a junior in electrical engineering. I grew on a small farm in Vinton, Iowa. My focus is in power systems and computer security. I have had two internships and one coop at Power Systems Engineering and Lincoln Electric System. So if you are interested in anything power related I know a little bit about it. In my free time I like to tinker with electronics, you have to burn out at least one toaster a year if your in EE, am I right!? I love doing standard guy things like watching football and going to movies. I am also really into music, I play the guitar and drums and like all types of music. I am an avid fisher and I like to watch anime, but not the creepy stuff. I play videogames mainly on pc, that being said I’m not to shabby at LOL or WOT.
Shaun VanWeeldeen  
shaun_picture I am a junior studying Software Engineering. Outside of class, I like to stay very involved on campus and I really enjoy K-12 engineering outreach to get kids excited about being engineers and scientists. I have worked a wide variety of both business and technical jobs including working for Oak Ridge National Lab, the MathWorks (people who make MATLAB), Union Pacific Railroad, as well as many smaller companies. I am quite outgoing and love to travel which has taken me all over the world, including a few study abroad trips to Spain. 
Katie Widen  
katie_widen My name is Katie Widen, and I’m from Milwaukee, WI. I’m a junior in computer engineering, which I picked because I like learning why/how computers work. I TA for two classes and have helped with research at the University of Wisconsin- Milwaukee. While I’m part of some on-campus clubs, I do spend most of my free-time with my TA work (I enjoy teaching) and mentoring a high school competitive robotics (FIRST) team. My other hobbies include painting, telling bad jokes, and running. When I grow up I want to work on controls systems for airplanes, but I always thought owning a bakery would be fun too.  
Arielle Czalbowski  
arielle Hi there!  My name is Arielle Czalbowski, and I’m a senior in Software Engineering with a minor in Chinese.  I specialize in software requirements engineering, although I’ve taken my fair share of computer engineering courses.  I had a neat internship over the summer, and the year before that, I got to visit China for a few weeks.  I love video games, music, and crafts.  I’m looking forward to helping out new students in engineering! 
Adam Kaas   
adam_kaas Hi! My name is Adam Kaas and I’m a senior in Electrical Engineering. I’ve been involved in several organizations but the ones I am still an active member in are Eta Kappa Nu (HKN), ECpE Student Advisory Committee, and Iowa State Men’s Club Volleyball. I’ve also had experience working with Critical Tinkers (Lot’s of fun!) and Hi-Fi! I’ve had both an internship and a co-op at Rockwell Collins in Cedar Rapids, IA. My first internship was as a Software Engineer, and my co-op was as a Platform Systems Engineer. I am also a Community Advisor on campus. Last year I was in Martin Hall and this year I am in Legacy Tower! I thoroughly enjoy meeting new people and helping people develop themselves into the best they can possibly be. Feel free to get a hold of me and ask me any questions you may have! 
Jacob Mayer  

Hey my Name is Jacob Mayer I am junior in electrical engineering with an emphasis in control systems. I am originally from Faribault, Minnesota. When at school I work as an undergraduate research assistant at the Virtual Reality Applications Center. This past summer I interned with John Deere as a product development engineering intern. When I am not working or doing school work I spend a majority of my time golfing. I am very open person looking forward to showing new students the ropes whether it’s professionally or academically.

Adriana Ceylan  
adriana_ceylan Hello I am a senior (graduating in Dec) in Electrical Engineering concentrating on software, embedded systems, and signal prepossessing. I am originally from Mahwah, NJ now living in Conroe, TX, so if you want a true out-of-state perspective I might be a good reference. I have been on four internships/Co-ops with Rockwell Collins throughout different departments and have done two semesters of research for the US Army dealing with UAV-quadrotors. I am a member of NSBE (National Society of Black Engineers), Digital Women/Cytronics, and Habitat for Humanity. Outside school I enjoy going to the movie theater, playing video games, play/listen to music, and hanging out with friends.
Danielle Kimler  
Hi, I’m Danielle! I’m a senior majoring in electrical engineering, with a focus in materials of semiconductors. I have been an SI leader for Chem 167 and am currently a leader for Math 165. I love both courses!
In my free time I play French horn here at ISU in the wind ensemble. I also enjoy playing in a bell choir at my church. I am an avid Breaking Bad fan, and wish I had more time to play my playstation. I look forward to helping freshmen adjust to the wonderful ISU life!
Kyle Kraus  
kyle_kraus My name is Kyle Kraus and I am from Des Moines, IA.  I am a junior in Electrical Engineering with a focus power and energy systems.  I have had one internship and it has gained me more experience with the power field.  I like to stay active by participating in many clubs and entering into many different intramurals. 
Jacob Wallraff  
jacob_wallraff  I’m Jacob Wallraff and I am a Junior in Computer Engineering from Marion, Iowa!  I spent this past summer down in the Kansas City area interning for Garmin.  I am involved in several of the musical offerings of Iowa State, including Marching Band and Pep Bands for volleyball and women’s basketball.  As far as extracurriculars within my field go, I am a member of HKN/IEEE.  IEEE holds a yearly 24-hour programming competition, and my team placed first in the region and 7th in the nation last year!  In my free time, I enjoy playing both video games and card games, as well as participating in what intramurals I can (usually in the spring, after marching band has ended).  I look forward to helping new students get to know their way around the Computer and Electrical Engineering departments at Iowa State!  Go Cyclones!
Nic Dubois  
Nicholas_Dubois Hi! My name is Nic, and I’m a Junior in Electrical Engineering. I’m not completely sure what I want to do after I graduate yet, but I have time to figure that out still. Although I haven’t technically had an internship yet, I have spent the past 3 summers working under an Electrical Engineer in Cedar Rapids, so I’ve had plenty of experience with EE manufacturing. Outside of school, I like snowboarding, paintballing, ultimate, hanging out with friends, things like that. I might stress about getting work done when it gets to crunch time, but I’m pretty laid back otherwise.
Sarah Files  
sarah_files My name is Sarah Files and I am a junior in Computer Engineering. I am the vice president of Digital Women, a club for women in computer related majors and I work for the ABE college doing IT work on campus. I may spend my free time playing video games, reading and exercising. I really look forward to helping out those who need advice and passing my knowledge down to the younger padawans!

Sean McCullough

sean_mccullough Hi!  I’m Sean McCullough, and I’m a senior in Computer Engineering.  Outside of class, I’m involved in Air Force ROTC and the ISU Investment club, and I like photography and running.  I’ve had two internships, at Microsoft and John Deere, and had a great time out in Seattle this summer.  If you have any questions about internships, interviews, resumes, or classes, feel free to ask!
Kelsey Moore  
kelsey I enjoy multiple activities ranging from playing video games, to cars, to playing sports.  I am a senior in computer engineering and am currently in a senior design project that has me working with quad-copters.  While my major says that I am a computer engineer, I focus on the Electrical Engineering side of it.  I’ve taken classes like EE 332 and 330, and enjoy working with circuits.  I am always willing to answer questions directed at me and am very outgoing.
Alex Tillema   
alex_tillema Hey there! My name is Alex Tillema and I’m currently a Junior in Electrical Engineering working on an Energy Systems minor.  I’m involved in various organizations such as IEEE, EcpE Student Advisory Committee, and Ski & Snowboard Club.  This last summer I had the opportunity to intern for Burns & McDonnell where I learned a lot about power systems, which just so happens to be what I plan on going into!  So yeah, if you’re interested in High Voltage equipment and power, come talk to me!  If not, well come see my anyways and maybe we can go skiing, bowling, golf, or play video games sometime!
Cody Hoover  
CodyHoover Senior is Software Engineering with plans to pursue a Master’s in HCI here at ISU. I have studied abroad in Denmark and went back again this past summer to do a 1-week software development program with LEGO. I have done work with Android development for Garmin and for VRAC as an undergraduate research assistant. I am very interested in pursuing a software engineering career abroad, working in UX and other HCI areas, or working on the west coast. 
Jacob Rigdon   
jacob_rigdon Greetings! My name is Jacob Rigdon and I am a Junior in Computer Engineering from Cedar Rapids, Iowa. When I’m not at Coover hall, I like to spend my time reading books by men with middle initials: R.R., gaming (Steam of course!), and watching #breakingbad. Music is pretty great too, so I’m also involved in the Iowa Statesmen and Shy of a Dozen (two of Iowa State’s men’s choir ensembles), and am a former member of the ISU Drumline. I’m very excited to be a mentor for you! Hopefully I can fill your ears with some wisdom.
Brittany Oswald  
Brittany Oswald I am a senior in computer engineering, and I prefer the software side of things. I am especially interested in game development, and I am a co-founder of the Game Development Club. I have been a teaching assistant for several Com S classes, so I would be a good mentor for students who want to learn about leadership skills or need a little help learning Com S concepts. I graduate in December, but I wouldn’t mind keeping in touch even after graduation.
Piriya Kris Hall  
piriya_hall My name is Piriya Kris Hall, I am a fifth year senior in Computer Engineering with a second major in Mathematics + Computer Science application. I am currently the project chair for Eta Kappa Nu(also known as HKN) and by extension a member of IEEE. I was also a member of the Solar Car team from 2010-2012. This last summer I interned with Cerner Corporation where I did some GUI programming. My specializations are in the areas of Computer Architecture and Digital VLSI Design, but I also dabble in GPGPU and graphics programming. So if you need someone to geek out with about the latest computer hardware, talk about graphics(and by extension video games), or just need someone to practice Starcraft II with or need a Medic for TF2, feel free to stop me and talk to me.
Cimone Wright  
cimone_wright My name is Cimone Wright and I am from Cedar Rapids,IA. I am a senior in computer engineering with a focus in whatever John Deere needs.  When my face is not glued to a computer screen, i enjoy running, pretending I can sing well, and reading. This past summer I did an internship with John Deere, and that marks my 7th internship. So if you have any questions about the interview processes, resumes, what employers look for, or classes feel free to ask! 
 Seth Taylor  
Hello! My name is Seth and I’m a SENIOR in Electrical Engineering. I am focusing on power classes but also have a deep interest for materials science and magnetic circuits. In my personal time, I like to play my acoustic guitar.
As a non-trad, I know that it can be overwhelming to jump in to engineering and some of the denser subjects here. But it is worth it! Want to chat about it? Feel free to contact me.


Darren Hushak  
My name is Darren Hushak, double degree in Electrical and Computer Engineering with two minors, Music, and Music Technology. I do everything music. I have operated my own professional audio production and recording company for six years; I’ve played, recorded, produced, mixed, mastered, and everything in between for a number of musical projects, live and recorded.  My interest in Electrical and Computer Engineering follows from the incredible role technology has to play in music today. I want to know every detail of every step, from source acoustics to transducer pickup to amplification, DAC/ADC, signal processing, and how the entire workings of a computer are put together, all to further my knowledge and skill in the world of music.
I’m fascinated with sounds, beautiful engineering designs, King of the Hill, photography, and I can talk for hours about anything I love.
Lukas Herrmann  
lukas_herrman  Hi, my name is Lukas Herrmann. I am a senior in majoring in Computer Engineering with a minor in German.  I am from a smaller town in Minnesota near Rochester.  I am kind of all over the computer engineering area as far as it goes from hardware to software.  I am a part of IEEE and also the German Club when I have the time.  Both are great clubs!  When I am not doing academic things I enjoy playing ultimate frisbee, hanging out with my friends, and gaming.  An interesting thing about me is the fact that I have 5 corn snakes. 
Debbie Baeder  
Hi! My name is Debbie Baeder, a Junior in Electrical Engineering (and looking at a Minor in Music Technology). I come from a city just outside of Chicago called Elgin, Illinois. I started out as a Computer Engineer and changed to EE when I found that programming was not my forte. I soon found that I had an aptitude for understanding the physics of circuits, meanwhile building up some basic programming skills in C, Java, and Python. I have not been on an internship yet, but I have been a Python Teaching Assistant, a Stacks Management Librarian, and I currently work within the Electronics Shop in Coover Hall. I truly enjoy working with circuits, but most of all the circuits that sound or light up! As for my career goals, I want to design electronic music synthesizers, microphones, speakers, pretty much anything that produces sound. Outside my major, I enjoy playing the piano, designing my weebly website, hitting the tennis courts, and listening to music. I can most definitely give advice on classes, calculators, professors, and even campus tips. Looking forward to meeting new engineering students!
Greg Hart  
greg_hart I’m a junior in Computer Engineering. I recently switched majors from Industrial Engineering, so I know what it is like to not be entirely set on a future in a particular discipline and can help lead you in the right direction. For me, I was hooked on making circuits and programs right away and now I use that knowledge in personal projects. Outside of my academic pursuits, I enjoy playing almost all sports, listening to music, playing video games, and watching movies. I can probably have a conversation with anyone about almost anything!
 Dylan Gransee
dylanGransee My name is Dylan Gransee, and I am a junior in computer engineering from Kasson, Minnesota. In my free time, I like to go fishing, play video games, participate in intramurals, and write code! This past summer, I was in southern California interning for a startup company, Greenwave Reality, and I continue to work for them part-time. In previous summers, I worked with my uncle making video games for xbox and IOS.
John Hanke  
Personal:NFL, College Football and Basketball, NBA, Video Games

Academic: Interested in Electrical Power distribution and the Business side of Power Engineering.

Professional Goals: Formerly worked at Burns and McDonnell was going to work full-time in the substations department and changed my mind because I decided to take one more semester for college.


If you are an upperclassman (you have completed at least two years in ECpE) looking to become a mentor, contact Daisy Isibor (
For all other questions or inquiries, contact Daisy Isibor ( or Tony Alleven (