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University Lecture Series at Google, Mountain View, CA, “Intelligence Amplifying Technology: A Contrarian Approach that Applies Euler’s Method to Complex Software”

Abstract: Fredrick Brooks writes “If indeed our objective is to build computer systems that solve very challenging problems, my thesis is that IA > AI, that is, that intelligence amplifying systems can, at any given level of available systems technology, beat AI systems. That is, a machine and a mind can beat a mind-imitating machine […]

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CyLab Distinguished Seminar Series at Carnegie Mellon, “An 18th-century Mathematician, a $336 Million Patent, and Software Verifiability,”

Abstract: What does software verifiability have to do with an 18th-century Swiss mathematician? Come to hear the story that starts with Leonhard Euler, progresses to a patent worth hundreds of millions of dollars, and ends with software verifiability for safety and security. Deriving precise enough relevant architectural knowledge and applying that knowledge is critical for […]

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