University Lecture Series at Google, Mountain View, CA, “Intelligence Amplifying Technology: A Contrarian Approach that Applies Euler’s Method to Complex Software”


Fredrick Brooks writes “If indeed our objective is to build computer systems that solve very challenging problems, my thesis is that IA > AI, that is, that intelligence amplifying systems can, at any given level of available systems technology, beat AI systems. That is, a machine and a mind can beat a mind-imitating machine working by itself.”

This talk will present the IA technology we have developed for solving complex software problems. The technology is inspired by Euler, the 18th-century Swiss mathematician who started a new branch of mathematics to solve complex problems about relationships that connect different types of artifacts. We will illustrate applications of the IA technology with real-world examples spanning from extracting software architecture to malware detection and safety verification.

Venue: Google Headquarters, Mountain View, California, USA, August 2019

Author: Suresh Kothari

Categories: Talks

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