Dr. Houqiang Fu moved to Arizona State University in Fall 2022. For any questions, please send your email to houqiang@asu.edu.


We are the Semiconductor Materials and Devices Group led by Dr. Houqiang Fu in the Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering at ISU.

Our research explores novel materials and develops next-generation electronic and photonic/optoelectronic devices and systems to address critical societal needs in Energy Efficiency, Computing, Communication, and Sensing, which is at the interdisciplinary intersection of electrical engineering, materials science, and physics.  We are currently working on the exciting third-generation semiconductors, i.e., the wide bandgap semiconductors such as GaN and Ga2O3.

Our current research focuses on wide bandgap semiconductor (i.e., GaN and nitride alloys, Ga2O3 and oxide alloys, and AlN) materials, devices and systems for applications in electronics (e.g., power electronics and ICs, RF/microwave devices and MMICs, sensors) and photonics (e.g., optoelectronics, waveguides, nonlinear optics, quantum photonics). More details can be found in our Research and Publications.

Group News

01/2022—Dinusha’s paper on Ga2O3/GaN heterojunction p-n diodes was accepted to IEEE Journal of the Electron Devices Society. Congratulations!

11/2021—Dawei’s paper on designing delta-doped AlGaO/GaO HEMTs was accepted to IEEE Transactions on Electron Devices. Congratulations!

07/2021—Our comprehensive review papers (Part I and Part II) on vertical GaN power devices are published in Transactions on Electron Devices!

04/2021—Our review paper on selective area doping and regrowth for vertical GaN power devices is accepted to Materials Today (Impact Factor: 26.416), which is one of the most highly respected sources of news and reviews in materials science. Congratulations!


CONTACT: Dr. Houqiang Fu

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