ICSE 2015 – Security Toolbox for Detecting Novel and Sophisticated Android Malware


This paper presents a demo of our Security Toolbox to detect novel malware in Android apps. This Toolbox is developed through our recent research project funded by the DARPA Automated Program Analysis for Cybersecurity (APAC) project. The adversarial challenge (“Red”) teams in the DARPA APAC program are tasked with designing sophisticated malware to test the bounds of malware detection technology being developed by the research and development (“Blue”) teams. Our research group, a Blue team in the DARPA APAC program, proposed a “human-in-the-loop program analysis” approach to detect malware given the source or Java bytecode for an Android app. Our malware detection apparatus consists of two components: a general-purpose program analysis platform called Atlas, and a Security Toolbox built on the Atlas platform. This paper describes the major design goals, the Toolbox components to achieve the goals, and the workflow for auditing Android apps. The accompanying video illustrates features of the Toolbox through a live audit.

Venue: 37th International Conference on Software Engineering (ICSE 2015), Firenze, Italy, May 16-24, 2015.

Authors: Benjamin Holland, Tom Deering, Suresh Kothari, Jon Mathews, Nikhil Ranade

Paper (PDF): SecurityToolbox-ICSE2015.pdf


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