IASTATE/ECPE 2016 – Euler, the 336 Million Dollar Software Patent, and Reflecting on How to Solve Hard Software Problems


The size and complexity of software, the labor cost of programming, and the dire consequences of software malfunctioning have made it a nightmare to maintain software-intensive cyber-physical systems. Agile development, programming languages, component libraries etc. help but they do not suffice to ensure correctness and cost-effective maintenance of complex software. The central question is: how do we systematically reason about large software?

This talk will trace the history of a branch of mathematics and how that mathematics is likely to be the key to advance software engineering and its application to ensure safety and security of cyber-physical systems. While mathematics is crucial, being able to apply it to real-world software with millions of lines of code poses a colossal engineering challenge. The talk will present examples of sophisticated malware and a software verification study of the Linux kernel to illustrate our research on advancing the mathematics and building a platform to apply the mathematics to reason about large software.

Venue: Iowa State University, Electrical and Computer Engineering Department Seminar, October 2016.

Author: Suresh Kothari


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