Invited Talk @ UBC – An 18th-century Mathematician, a $336 Million Patent, and Software Experimentation


What does software experimentation have to do with an 18th-century Swiss mathematician? Come hear the story that starts with Leonhard Euler, progresses to a software patent worth hundreds of millions, and ends with new ideas for experiment-driven software engineering. The construction of software usually involves many people and programs that need to be maintained in several versions evolving over many years. As the size and complexity of software grows, it becomes challenging to understand, analyze, and verify software. This talk will present software experimentation as the key idea to address the challenges. The talk will illustrate the key idea with hands-on experimentation to derive knowledge from large software and apply that knowledge to solve complex cyber-security and safety problems. We will use the Atlas platform for the hands-on experimentation as a process for learning and discovery.

Venue: Computer Science Department, University of British Columbia, Vancouver, Canada, October 2018.

Atlas Demo:

Author: Suresh Kothari

Categories: Talks

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