I'm interested in all things data storage (e.g., file systems, non-volatile memories, key-value stores, data-intensive computing, data-centric infrastructures). I'm leading the Data Storage Lab where we play with the latest storage technologies and strive to advance the reliability, security, scalability, usability etc for data, for people, or just for fun.

Data Storage Lab

Our research are motivated by problems of real-world systems that jeopardize data, e.g.:

We build systems/tools to attack such problems and open source our research prototypes.

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Selected Publications

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Prospective Students

I'm always looking for self-motivated & intellectually-strong students who are curious about how computer systems work and are interested in improving the design, implementation, evaluation, and application of various computer systems. Please check out our recent publications & projects and let me know if anything interests you. If you have experience in building systems, that's great! Let's talk and see if we have mutual interests. If you come from a different background, that's OK, too. I'm more than happy to pass my hands-on experience to you and help you grow and succeed, as long as you are hardworking, responsible, determined, and have the desire to become an expert in a challenging and high-impact area in the near future.

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  • ISU CprE563 Advanced Data Storage Systems [Spring'20, Spring'21, Spring'22, Spring'23]
  • ISU CprE308 Operating Systems [Fall'18, Fall'19, Fall'20, Fall'21, Spring'22, Fall'22, Spring'23]
  • ISU CprE588 Embedded Computer Systems [Spring'19]
  • NMSU CS479/579 Special Topics: Reliable Storage Systems [Fall'17]
  • NMSU CS479/579 Special Topics: Modern Storage Systems: Flash, Cloud, & Beyond [Spring'16]
  • NMSU CS574 Operating Systems II [Spring'17, Spring'18]
  • NMSU CS474 Operating Systems I [Fall'15, Fall'16]
  • NMSU CS573 Computer Architecture II [Fall'17]
  • NMSU CS473 Computer Architecture I [Spring'18]
  • NMSU CS491/521 Parallel Programming [Fall'16]
  • OSU CSE4251 The UNIX Programming Environment [Fall'14, Spring'15]

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  • [09/2023] Welcome to
    ARA Public Launch!

  • [08/2023] One Demo paper on ARA accepted to appear at MobiCom'23!

  • [07/2023] Received one latest computational storage device from ScaleFlux! Thanks for the support!

  • [05/2023] One paper to appear in ACM TOS!
    Thank the reviewers for constructive feedback!

  • [04/2023] One paper accepted to appear at ASPLOS'24! Thank the reviewers for constructive feedback!

  • [02/2023] One paper accepted in NVMW'23! Thank the reviewers for constructive feedback!

  • [01/2023] Two papers on parallel/distributed storage systems accepted in IPDPS'23! Thank the reviewers for constructive feedback!

  • [01/2023] Tabassum & Carson received Diversity/Student Grant! Thanks USENIX FAST'23!

  • [12/2022] One paper on file systems accepted in FAST'23! Thank the reviewers for constructive feedback!

  • [10/2022] Serving on HPDC'23!! Pls consider submitting your exciting work!

  • [10/2022] Honored to receive 2022 Samsung GRO Award! Thanks Samsung Advanced Institute of Technology (SAIT)! Samsung

  • [10/24/2022] Honored to give a talk at Computer Sciences Department, UW-Madison! Thanks for the invitation!

  • [08/2022] Received one SmartSSD from Samsung NPL! Thanks for the support! SmartSSD