Electric Power Forum 2024

The 61st EPRC Annual Conference

Great Hall, Memorial Union
2229 Lincoln Way
Ames IA 50011

We are delighted to welcome the Organization of MISO States to ISU for their Resource Adequacy Summit 3.0, from 10:30 am May 14 through May 15, 11:30 am.

On May 15 OMS and EPRC will jointly present a generation technology showcase. Then at noon, EPRC activities will commence with a lunch, followed by followed by the EPRC forum which commences at 1 pm and continues with a poster reception and banquet.

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Speaker Biographies

Ryan Janda, FEMA (PDF)

Mark Nutt, PNNL (PDF)

Debra Lew, Energy Systems Integration Group (PDF)

Clair Moeller, MISO (PDF)

EPRC 2024 meeting May 15 presentations

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EPRC 2024 poster abstracts

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View Meeting Information and Agenda (PDF)

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