Current Research

List of Current Research Projects:

PI Co PI Prime Sponsor Sponsor Title
Ajjarapu, VenkataramanaVaidya, UmeshNational Science FoundationEnabling a Flexible, Non-Disruptive Demand Control to Improve Grid Security and Performance
Ajjarapu, VenkataramanaGovindarasu, ManimaranNational Science FoundationCPS: Medium: Data-Driven Causality Mapping, System Identification and Dynamics Characterization for Future Power Grid
Dobson, IanNational Science FoundationCRISP Type 2/Collaborative Research: Understanding the Benefits and Mitigating the Risks of Interdependence in Critical Infrastructure Systems
Kimber, AnneCity of BloomfieldCity of Bloomfield – EPRC Support
Kimber, AnneDOE-US Department of EnergyIowa Economic Development AuthorityMobile Energy Systems for State of Iowa Resiliency
Kimber, AnneAmerican Public Power AssociationAlgona Municipal UtilitiesCustomer Clustering Using AMI Tool for Small Public Power Utilities
Kong, Song-CharngKimber, AnneDOD-US Department of DefenseDOD-Iowa Army National GuardCamp Dodge Energy and Water Master Plan
McCalley, JamesArizona State UniversityDevelopment of Expansion Planning Methods and Tools for Handling Uncertainty
McCalley, JamesElectric Power Research InstituteContribution to White Paper on the New Generation of Coordinated Generation and Transmission Planning Problems
McCalley, JamesXCEL EnergyAssessment of Public Service Colorado System
McCalley, JamesDOE-US Department of EnergyAlliance for Sustainable Energy LLC (NREL)Interconnections Seam Study Final Scenarios
Wang, ZhaoyuKimber, AnneDOE-National Energy Technology LaboratoryRobust Real-Time Modeling of Distribution Systems with Data-Driven Grid-Wise Observability
Wang, ZhaoyuArizona State UniversityData-Driven and Machine Learning-Based Load Modeling
Wang, ZhaoyuDobson, IanDOE-US Department of EnergyArgonne National LaboratoryA Data-Driven Multi-Timescale Predictive, Proactive, and Recovery Optimization Framework for Solar Energy Integrated Resilient Distribution Grid
Wang, ZhaoyuNational Science FoundationData-Driven Voltage VAR Optimization Enabling Extreme Integration of Distributed Solar Energy
Wang, ZhaoyuArizona State UniversityMarket and Control Mechanisms Enabling Flexible Service Provision by Grid-Edge Resources Within End-To-End Power Systems (M-40)
Wang, ZhaoyuDobson, Ian; Ajjarapu, Venkataramana; Hegde, ChinmayDOE-National Energy Technology LaboratoryRobust Learning of Dynamic Interactions for Enhancing Power Systems Resilience