Ongoing Research
  1. Real-time (Recursive and Causal) Robust PCA
  2. Sequential Compressed Sensing and applications in dynamic MRI
  3. Particle Filters for Tracking on Large Dimensional State Spaces
  4. ELL for "Slow" Change Detection in State Space Models (with Unknown Change Parameters) and Analyzing the Errors in Estimating ELL
  5. NonStationary "Shape Activities" (NSSA) and Applications in Activity Recognition  (page needs to be updated - see publications)
Some old videos   

Past Research
  1. Principal Component Null Space Analysis (PCNSA) for Image, Video (or any large dimensional pattern) Classification
  2. Moving Object Detection and Compression in Infra-Red (IR) Sequences
  3. A 2-D Hand Gesture Recognition System for Robot Control  (undergraduate research)

Recent Talks