Spring 2023

EE 425X: Machine Learning: A Signal Processing Perspective





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·         Access Statement for Students with Documented Disabilities:

o    Iowa State University is committed to assuring that all educational activities are free from discrimination and harassment based on disability status. Students requesting accommodations for a documented disability are required to meet with staff in Student Accessibility Services (SAS) to establish eligibility and learn about related processes. Eligible students will be provided with a Notification Letter for each course and reasonable accommodations will be arranged after timely delivery of the Notification Letter to the instructor. Students are encouraged to deliver Notification Letters as early in the semester as possible. SAS, a unit in the Dean of Students Office, is located in room 1076 Student Services Building or online at www.sas.dso.iastate.edu. Contact SAS by email at accessibility@iastate.edu or by phone at 515-294-7220 for additional information. Since this is a small class, I am happy to also provide other options. Please do not hesitate to discuss your needs with me.

·         Homeworks

o    Most homeworks will be programming assignments. For most, I will have you work with both simulated data (helps you make sure you have coded things correctly and your idea works) and a real dataset.  This will be a way for you to check if your code is correct. You are not allowed to copy code or solutions from the internet or from anyone in the class. I will have all policies before first home work is due. You have to copy and sign the Honor Code Statement given below

o    Will be posted in Canvas

·         Project Details

o    See Canvas