Graduate Program Forms and Degree Flowcharts

  • For a DOGE signature, please go to see Vicky Thorland-Oster ( at ECpE Student Services (1212 Coover).
  • Most of the graduate program forms are available online:
    - Graduate College forms (found on GC website)
    - ECpE Department forms (found on ECpE website)
  • The following two forms are not available online. Please go to ECpE Student Services to pick up a hard copy.
    - Request for Preliminary Oral Examination
    - Checklist for Graduate Student Graduation
  • Flowcharts below are a tool to help you plan for and manage your graduate study at ISU. It includes the basic information and paperwork/deadlines mandated in each degree program. You can find more detailed information from Graduate College Handbook and ECpE Supplementary Rules.
    - PhD
    - MS with Thesis Option
    - MS with Non-thesis Option
    - MEng

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