Welcome New Members
The Wireless Systems Lab welcomes our new undergraduate researcher Paul Danker. Paul will be working on a visible light communication project. Welcome! Read more...(05/18)

ISCAS Paper Presentation
Yifei Li's paper "Time-domain analysis of optimum bias point in inverse class-F power amplifier" will be presented at this year's ISCAS. Read more...(05/18)

I2MTC Paper Presentation
Subhanwit Roy's paper "Coaxial microwave resonant sensor design for monitoring ionic concentration in aqueous solutions" will be presented at this year's I2MTC. Read more...(05/18)

Full and Archived Stories
The Wireless Systems Lab is located at Iowa State University in Ames, Iowa.

We are focused on developing novel high-speed analog and mixed-signal circuits for next generation applications such as concurrent multi-band wireless communication, real-time sensing for water quality monitoring, and wireless enegy harvesting and its applications in cognitive radio.
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