Prof. Namrata Vaswani is looking for new Ph.D. students to start in Fall 2019 or Spring 2020; and or a postdoc.

Prof. Namrata Vaswani of Iowa State University is looking for Ph.D. students, and or postdocs, to work on interesting Statistical Machine Learning problems motivated by real applications (often in computer vision or imaging). If interested, please email her at namrata AT iastate DOT edu (along with your recent transcripts and CV/resume).


She would like to recruit Electrical and Computer Engineering, Mathematics, Statistics, or Computer Science Bachelors' or Masters' degree holders with a strong (undergraduate level) background in Linear Algebra and Probability. Ability to program in MATLAB or Python would be nice. Students choosing to work with her can pick either ECE or Mathematics as their home department. Other options can also be figured out.


Two good sample papers/preprints describing Namrata recent work are


2.    Sample-Efficient Low Rank Phase Retrieval (IEEE Transactions on Information Theory, 2021)


About Namrata Vaswani's work: In recent work, her group has worked on various dynamic high-dimensional structured data recovery problems such as dynamic Compressive Sensing, dynamic Robust PCA, Phaseless PCA (low-rank phase retrieval), Federated Low Rank matrix recovery, along with applications in computer vision and imaging. The last is new and ongoing work. Her former Ph.D. students have gone on to join Google, AT&T, Capital One, Adobe, and Bosch Research, postdoc at USC.


More about Namrata: