EE 528: Digital Image Processing, Fall 2009

InstructorProf. Namrata Vaswani,   Email: namrata AT,   Phone: 515-294-4012,   Office: 3121 Coover Hall

Informal TAs
: Samarjit Das (samarjit AT and Wei Lu (luwei AT

Location and Time:  1016 Coover, M-W-F 12:10-1pm

Office Hours:  Tuesdays 10-11, Friday 4:30-5:30

Prerequisites: EE 224 (Signals and Systems), EE 322 (Probability for EE), some linear algebra, calculus. EE424 is listed but not really necessary (if you know 224 and 322 well, it should suffice)

Textbook: Anil K. Jain, Fundamentals of Digital Image Processing (link)

Grading Policy and Midterm exam date

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Class  Syllabus and Handouts
Grading Policy

Project Details

Useful Links
My old Image Processing class
MATLAB Image Processing toolbox
Milan Sonka's  Image Processing notes
An excellent tutorial on DSP (DFT, sampling, decimation etc)

A useful set of Linear Algebra notes (Chap 5 and onwards)
Set of tutorials on the book page of Gonzalez and Woods'  Digital Image Processing 2/E
An easy, very basic DSP tutorial

Some Other Useful classes at ISU
EE527 (Detection and Estimation Theory)
STAT580 (Computational Methods on Statistics)   - see for handout on Monte Carlo methods
EE524 (Digital Signal Processing)
EE523 (Random Processes)