Robot Pressing Buttons
Mapping Auditory Events to Vision
Visual Density of Auditory Events
Detecting Button Affordances

Pressing Buttons Improves Detecting Buttons

Familiar ButtonNovel Button Generalization From a Single Training Button

Pushing Behaviors

Behaviors performed by the robot
Region of ExplorationVideo

Press Locations for the Three Exploration Strategies

Random StrategyStimulus-driven Uncertainty-driven
Close-Up Proprioceptive event density for the random strategy (close-up) Proprioceptive event density for the stimulus-driven strategy (close-up) Proprioceptive event density for the uncertainty-driven strategy (close-up)

Visual Representation of Auditory Events and Their Density for Each Button

ButtonPicture of button 1 Picture of button 2 Picture of button 3 Picture of button 4 Picture of button 5 Picture of button 6 Picture of button 7