Graduate Seminar with Rui Cheng: Consensus-based Transactive Design for Unbalanced Distribution Networks


November 9, 2022    
1:10 pm - 2:00 pm


3043 ECpE Bldg Addition
2520 Osborn Drive, Coover Hall, Ames

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Title: Consensus-based Transactive Design for Unbalanced Distribution Networks

Speaker: Rui Cheng

Abstract: This study develops a consensus-based transactive energy design managed by an Independent Distribution System Operator (IDSO) for an unbalanced distribution network.  The network is populated by welfare-maximizing customers with price-sensitive and fixed loads who make multiple successive power decisions during each Operating Period (OP).  The IDSO and customers engage in a negotiation process in advance of each OP to determine retail prices for OP that align customer power decisions with network constraints in a manner that preserves customer privacy.  Convergence and optimality properties of this proposed design are established for an analytically formulated illustration: an unbalanced radial distribution network, populated by households, that is electrically connected to a relatively large RTO/ISO-managed transmission network.

Short Bio:  Rui Cheng is currently a Ph.D. student in the Department of Electrical & Computer Engineering at Iowa State University. His research interests include voltage/var control, transactive energy markets, and the intersection of optimization, machine learning, and power distribution systems.

Advisor: Dr. Leigh Tesfatsion and Dr. Zhaoyu Wang

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