Graduate Seminar – Hongsheng Xu

Date(s) - 12 Feb 2014
1:10 PM - 2:00 PM

3043 ECpE Building Addition

Title: Acceleration of Spectral Domain Approach (SDA) for Shielded Microstrip Lines

Speaker: Hongsheng Xu, ECpE Graduate Student

Adviser: Jiming Song, Associate Professor

Abstract: A novel approach which uses the extrapolation method (Levin transformations), for the acceleration of the infinite series summation in the asymptotic form as 1/(n^k) and sinusoidal functions divided by n^k is presented. This approach does not need the asymptotic expansion for the Green’s functions and the Bessel functions, which saves the work for finding the asymptotic expansion coefficients. It is also found that the Levin transformations converge much faster for series with exponential functions than the series with sinusoidal functions. This approach has been applied to the acceleration of the infinite series summation in the shielded microstrip problem using the spectral domain approach (SDA) for obtaining accurate solution of the propagation constant.

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