Electric Power & Energy Systems Webinar with Venkat Thekkemadom: Energy Management Systems for the Reliable Operation, Optimization and Simulation of the Transmission Grid

Date(s) - 3 Feb 2020
1:00 PM - 2:00 PM

3043 ECpE Building Addition

This is a webinar event. We will livestream this webinar at 1 p.m. in 3043 ECpE Building Addition.

Speaker: Venkat Thekkemadom, Senior Staff Software Engineering (Power Systems) at GE Grid Solutions

Title: Energy Management Systems for the Reliable Operation, Optimization and Simulation of the Transmission Grid


0. Overview of GE – GE Digital – and the GE Digital division in Melbourne, FL

1. What is an Energy Management System (EMS) – SCADA + Power System Applications + other advanced applications

2. Real-time situational awareness, NERC CIP compliance – reliable operation of a deregulated power system

3. Background of the old vertically integrated utility versus the deregulated setup of the last two decades

4. Where do we power system engineers fit in – we wear multiple hats

5. EMS – overview of typical power system applications

6. Difference in technical challenges between academia and industry

7. Typical day in the life of a power system engineer at GE

Bio: Venkatachalam (Venkat) Thekkemadom graduated with his MSEE (Power Systems) from Iowa State University in the spring of ‘00. Since then, he has held various roles within GE (now GE Digital) as a power system engineer, focusing on the PowerOn Reliance (XA/21) Energy Management System platform. In his present role as a Senior Power System Engineer, he serves as a technical leader for the power system applications suite, including State Estimation, Contingency Analysis, Short Circuit Analysis, Optimization and is the product owner of the Dispatcher Training Simulator suite. He has been responsible for delivery and support of a number of EMS installations worldwide and is the primary 24/7 on-call engineer for all power system related issues.

Seminar Host: James McCalley




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