ECpE Seminar Series: Cheng Huang

Date(s) - 22 Mar 2017
1:10 PM - 2:00 PM

3043 ECpE Building Addition

Speaker: Cheng Huang, IC Design Engineer at Broadcom Ltd.

Title: Design of Next-Generation Power Management ICs – Full Integration and Wireless Power Transfer

Abstract: Power Management Integrated Circuits (PMICs) are becoming more and more important due to higher demands from the emerging markets such as various smart portable/wearable devices and autonomous sensor nodes for Internet-of-Things (IoT). This seminar introduces two important trends of PMIC designs: full integration and wireless power transfer. Previous works as well as future research directions will be presented. Full integration is one of the ultimate solutions to eliminate the bulky and expensive discrete passive components of switching power converters. In this seminar, two fully-integrated DC-DC converters with the power inductors and capacitors integrated at the package level will be presented. In these works, package bondwires, which were usually considered as parasitic inductors, are used as high quality power inductors. Circuit design techniques such as precise discontinuous-conduction-mode (DCM) operation, multi-phase operation and flying-capacitor ripple cancellation are presented to relax the bondwire inductance accuracy requirement, and help to achieve a higher efficiency and power density. Wireless power transfer (WPT) is another important trend in PMIC designs. In this seminar, a complete WPT system with TX and RX designs will be presented. Comparing to state-of-the-art works, the proposed constant-idle-time control and real-time delay calibration technique achieve a higher end-to-end power efficiency, a faster transient response and a higher level of integration with a much lower system and circuitry design complexity.

Bio: Cheng Huang received his PhD degree in Electronic Computer Engineering from the Hong Kong University of Science and Technology, Hong Kong, China, in 2014. His PhD research was mainly about fully-integrated high-frequency switching power converters. During his PhD study, he was with Broadcom Corp., San Jose, CA, as an oversea intern for six months in 2013. From 2014 to 2016, he joined the Ishikuro Lab in Keio University as a research scientist working on wireless power transfer systems for biomedical implants. In 2016, he joined Broadcom Ltd., San Jose, CA, as an IC design engineer working on various power management and mixed-signal IC projects.

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