Departmental Research Highlights Seminar with Abhay Mishra: Data Analytics Research: A Perspective from the Business School


April 12, 2023    
1:10 pm - 2:00 pm


3043 ECpE Bldg Addition
Coover Hall, Ames

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Data Analytics Research: A Perspective from the Business School

Abstract: In this talk, I will highlight the similarities and differences in data analytics research conducted in engineering and business schools. In summary, while researchers in engineering schools create new methods and focus on their relative performance in comparison to the previous methods, researchers in business schools apply and advance these new(er) methods, and solve business and societal problems. However, in contrast to researchers in some disciplines that may just apply new(er) methods created by scholars in EE, CS, IE, and statistics, researchers in information systems (and marketing, operations management, and finance) extend/modify these methods in non-trivial ways. Another important aspect in which research approaches may differ is in the differential attention given to causality. While prediction is certainly important, business school researchers (and managers and policymakers) also focus on causality. Third, research in business school is usually theory-based. This theory can come from economics, optimization, psychology, sociology, and other fields. Finally, while the research currency in some technical disciplines is publications in conferences, premier journal publications are what count for business school disciplines. This is why you hear business school faculty obsessing over UT Dallas or FT-50 list of publications. I will discuss some implications of this. I will present glimpses of two data analytics projects I have been working on, one on fairness in healthcare and one on inequality in sharing economy. In the end, I will identify some opportunities for collaboration between EE and business school faculty.

Bio: Abhay Nath Mishra is Kingland Systems Faculty Fellow in Business Analytics and an Associate Professor of Information Systems and Business Analytics at the Ivy College of Business at Iowa State University. He received his Ph. D. from the University of Texas at Austin. His research has been published at Information Systems Research, Management Science, MIS Quarterly, Production and Operations Management, Journal of Operations Management, Journal of the American Medical Informatics Association, European Journal of Information Systems, Communications of the AIS, MISQ Curation, ICIS, WISE, WITS, CIST, and SCECR. He is an Associate Editor at Information Systems Research, a top-tier INFORMS-sponsored publication in Information Systems. He served as an Associate Editor at MIS Quarterly (which is another top-tier, University of Minnesota sponsored publication in Information Systems) and as an editorial board member at the Journal of the Association of Information Systems during 2016-2020.

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