Tunc Doluca

Tunc Doluca
Tunc Doluca


Major and graduation year: Electrical Engineering, BS ’79

Location: San Francisco, California

Rising to the top: In January 2007, alumnus Tunc Doluca was named president and CEO of Maxim Integrated Products, a Sunnyvale, California-based technology company. When Doluca joined Maxim Integrated Products as a Member of Technical Staff in 1984, he wanted to design circuits better than the competition that still met time-to-market goals. Once Doluca began to manage business units in the company, he realized that he eventually wanted to run a company.

Exciting accomplishments: Doluca, who has been with the company for over 25 years, has served a variety of roles—from a member of the integrated circuit design development staff to group president for the Portable, Computing, and Instrumentation Electronics group. When Maxim was a still a small company, he was asked to be the general manager of their first vertical business unit, which started out with less than 25 employees, and with many years of teamwork, their sales grew from a modest $25 million to more than $600 million. Additionally, Doluca has designed over 40 products for Maxim, and he holds 11 mixed-signal design patents.

Enjoying his work: Doluca says that he most enjoys product planning, technology and product development, and organizing teams together to tackle tough product performance challenges that customers present to his company. Now that he’s the president and CEO, he plans to make Maxim a great company—one that continues the legacy of innovation and develops value-added products for its customers.