Major: Electrical EngineeringAnna

Hometown: Springville, Iowa

Activities: Alpha Gamma Delta sorority, choir, STARS (Student Admissions Representatives), 4-H Foundation

Internship: Rockwell Collins, Summer 2009

Why did you want to study electrical engineering?

I was an undeclared engineering major in my first and part of my second semester. The career fair helped me decide that electrical engineering would be a good fit. I asked companies I knew of and liked what kind of engineering majors they were in need of and most of the responses were “electrical.” I also feel with electrical engineering that it’s an extremely well-rounded degree, which will allow me to go on to almost anything. I know bank owners, politicians, and great business owners with electrical engineering degrees.

What did you do at your Rockwell Collins internship?

I worked in the Digital Signal Processing group. I tested and researched different uses for Rockwell Collins’ model of high-frequency modem that is used commonly in submarines, as well as many other places. I learned all about high-frequency modems, their uses in the real world, what different types of standard waveforms are used for. I learned a tremendous amount in one summer.

What was the most exciting thing you did during your internship?

At an intern/co-op picnic I met Clay Jones, president and CEO of Rockwell Collins. While I was talking with him, another intern from Iowa State asked him if he arranges lunches with interns and he accepted the offer. Arrangements were made and I had a two-hour lunch with Clay Jones with a small group of interns and co-ops. It was a really neat experience to talk to him and hear about his thoughts for the future of engineering and Rockwell Collins.

What are your career plans after Iowa State?

My dream job is to be at a place where I feel like my contributions are meaningful, to work on projects in collaborative team environments, and be with a company where I can have the opportunity to do outreach activities to promote technology-based careers to youth. Right now, I like government systems-related work and I could see myself becoming a systems engineer at a government engineering firm.