MathWorks 2017 Research Summit – Demystifying Cybersecurity for CPS Community


It is challenging for the cyber-physical systems (CPS) community to understand the essentials of cybersecurity. “Security Patch” or the “Kill Switch for WannaCry” jargon is at best oversimplified and superficial to convey essential cybersecurity knowledge. Cybersecurity problems are often rooted in the complex CPS software. For the CPS community, the challenge is to understand cybersecurity without being software experts. For software experts, the challenge is to go beyond their jargon to communicate essential cybersecurity knowledge. Based on our experience of leading large DARPA cybersecurity research projects and practical experience of verifying the Linux Kernel, this talk is an effort to relay cybersecurity knowledge in a meaningful way.

Venue: MathWorks Research Summit, Boston, Massachusetts, June, 2017

Author: Suresh Kothari

Categories: Talks

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