Major External Research Awards: July 2016 – March 2017

The Department of Energy (DOE)

Title: Autonomous Tools for Attack Surface Reduction

Roles:  Manimaran Govindarasu (PI), Venkataramana Ajjarapu (Co-PI), Doug Jacobson (Co-PI)

Award amount:  $1,162,477

Total anticipated amount: $2,981,103

Title: Novel Light Extraction and Utilization, Organic LED (OLED) Core Technology Research: Enhanced Light Extraction from Low Cost White OLEDs (WOLEDs) Fabricated on Novel Patterned Substrates

Roles: Ruth Shinar (PI), Rana Biswas (Co-PI), Joseph Shinar (Co-PI)

Award amount:  $1,318,903

Title: Flexible Service Contracting for Risk Management within Integrated Transmission and Distribution

Roles: Zhaoyu Wang (PI), Leigh Tesfatsion (Co-PI)

Award amount:  $345,360


The National Science Foundation (NSF)

Title: Integration of Photonic Crystals and Paper-Based Microfluidics for Biosensing

Roles: Meng Lu (PI)

Award amount: $500,000

Title: TDM Solar Cells: CDSE/C-SI Solar Cells

Roles: Vikram Dalal (PI)

Award amount: $299,932

Title: Collaborative Research: WI-ECSEL Scholarship Program (Women in Electrical, Computer, and Software Engineering as Leaders)

Roles: Joseph Zambreno (PI), Doug Jacobson (Co-PI), Phillip Harrison Jones (Co-PI), Lisa Larson (Co-PI), Mani Mina (Co-PI), Sarah Rajala (Co-PI), Sarah Rodriguez (Co-PI), Diane Rover (Co-PI), Mack Shelley (Co-PI)

Award amount:  $4,054,476

Title: Continuous Human-User Authentication by Induced Procedural Visual-Motor Biometrics

Roles: Yong Guan (PI), George Amariucai (Co-PI), Daji Qiao (Co-PI), Ann Smiley-Oyen

Award amount:  $499,923

Title: Enhancing Memory System Dependability by Integrity Checking

Roles: Arun Somani (PI)

Award amount:  $438,500

Title: Data-Driven Modeling, Monitoring and Mitigation of Cascading Outages in Transmission and Distribution Systems

Roles: Zhaoyu Wang (PI), Ian Dobson (Co-PI)

Award amount:  $347,938

Title: Development of Spirally Coiling, Force-Sensing Soft-Robot for Safe and Accurate Cochlear Electrode Implementation

Roles: Jaeyoun Kim (PI), In-Ho Cho (Co-PI)

Award amount:  $300,317

Title: RAPM Eager: Microfluidic Root Exudate Sampler with High Spatio-Temporal Sampling Resolution

Roles: Liang Dong (PI)

Award amount:  $300,000

Title: CPS: Breakthrough: Collaborative Research: Track and Fallback: Intrusion Detection to Counteract Carjack Hacks with Fail-Operational Feedback

Roles: Joseph Zambreno (PI)

Award amount:  $190,449

Title: PFI: BIC- A Smart Service System for Traffic Incident Management Enabled by Large-Data Innovations (TIMELI)

Roles: Anuj Sharma (PI), Stephen Gilbert (Co-PI), Shauna L. Hallmart (Co-PI), Neal R. Hawkins (Co-PI), Soumik Sarkar (Co-PI), Srikanta Tirthapura (Co-PI)

Award amount:  $1,000,000



Agency: Battelle Memorial Institute-Pacific Northwest National Laboratory

Title: Development of an Integrated Transmission and Distribution Test System to Assist the Evaluation of Transactive Energy Intiatives

Roles: Leigh Spears Tesfatsion (PI), Zhaoyu Wang (Co-PI)

Award amount: $106,000

Total anticipated award amount: $212,000

Agency: UChicago Argonne LLC- Argonne National Laboratory

Title: Measurement-Based Hierarchical Framework for Time-Varying Stochastic Load Modeling

Roles: Zhaoyu Wang (PI)

Award amount:  $450,000



Nonprofit Organization

Agency: National Academy of Sciences

Title: Smart Installation and Monitoring System for Large Anchor Bolts of Support Structure for Highway Signs, Luminaries and Traffic Signals (SLTS)

Roles: An Chen (PI), Daji Qiao (Co-PI), Long Que (Co-PI)

Award amount: $70,000

Total anticipated amount: $140,000

Agency: Semiconductor Research Corporation

Title: Robust Reliable and Practical High Performance References in Advanced Technologies

Roles: Randall Geiger (PI), Degang Chen (Co-PI)

Award amount: $32,917

Total anticipated amount: $237,000