The Transformative Learning Area

TLA Wide Web

The Transformative Learning Area, ECpE’s modernized and updated space within the old Coover High Bay Area, opened with a ribbon-cutting ceremony last December. David C. Jiles, Palmer Endowed Department Chair and Anson Marston Distinguished Professor, Mufit Akinc, Interim Dean of the College of Engineering, and senior CprE major Brittany Oswald, delivered remarks.

“The growing population of ECpE undergraduates has increased the department’s need for adaptable space,” said Jiles. “The Transformative Learning Area provides our students with a place to work, a place to learn, and a place to collaborate.”

The space was designed with functionality in mind. In addition to banks of PCs and Macs, the TLA contains state-of-the-art lab equipment and large meeting areas. The idea was to create a collaborative learning space where students could work together and learn from each other. In addition, the space was designed to adapt to future changes in curriculum and trends in electrical and computer engineering, calling back to the original area’s purpose.

“The original space was constructed to be adaptable to the changing needs of the department.” Jiles said. “Today, we are continuing that approach.”

Originally built to house power systems equipment, the Coover High Bay Area has seen many changes over the last 60 years. Prior to becoming the state-of-the-art TLA last December, the space was known as the Active Learning Complex from 1999-2012.

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