Repeating Courses

All Iowa State students are allowed to retake courses. Students are required to retake a course if they have failed it or did not meet the minimum grade requirement. Students do not need special permission to retake a course; they can register for it like they would for any other course. However, please read the information below to see if you need to fill out a Designated Repeat Form.

Designated Repeat Credits

All Iowa State students have 15 designated repeat credits. This means that for the first 15 credits of classes you retake, your new grade will replace your old grade in your cumulative GPA.

The new grade will replace the old even if it is worse, and the old grade will always remain on your permanent record.

If the new course has a different course number (such as 250 instead of 250H), or if it is worth a different number of credit hours, you must meet with your academic advisor to fill out a Designated Repeat Form.

Designated Repeat Forms must be completed by the drop deadline of the semester you are retaking the course (see the ISU Academic Calendar).

After you use all of your designated repeat credits, you still can retake courses, but the grades from the original class and the retake will both factor into your cumulative GPA.

Note: Designated repeats must be taken at Iowa State. Retaking a course at another institution may get you credit for the course, but it will not factor into your GPA.