The reinstatement process is discussed in-depth in the ISU Catalog. There are several deadlines involved, and it requires a strong dedication and desire on the part of the student to be readmitted.

Before beginning the reinstatement process, make sure this is what you want to do. Only about 50 percent of reinstated students make it past the first year they are back at Iowa State. The rest leave or are academically dismissed again. You must have the drive and desire to correct the mistakes you made in the past, and work hard to succeed in your future.


Reinstatement in the College of Engineering

After being dismissed from the College of Engineering based on poor academic performance, students may attempt reinstatement by following the College of Engineering Academic Standards Policies and Procedures.

In addition to following the listed procedures and deadlines, the dismissed student should contact his or her academic advisor and schedule an appointment. In this appointment, you will:

  • Discuss issues pertaining to poor academic performance.
  • Discuss student’s motivation to succeed academically and progress towards being a professional engineer.
  • Discuss personal goals and plans for academic success.
  • Write out a Program of Study with your advisor that matches the mutually agreed upon academic success plan.
  • Make follow-up appointments with your advisor to help with academic success.