Grade Point and Quality Points

Knowing how Iowa State calculates your grades, quality points, and academic status is important.

Generally, GPA and quality point topics also are discussed in Engr 101.

A quality point (QP) is a value associated with a letter grade per Iowa State credit hour. The grade point average (GPA) is a value representing your grades. In general, the GPA is calculated by dividing your quality points by your Iowa State credit hours. A quality point deficiency (QPD) is a value that may accrue whenever a student gets below a 2.00 GPA. Iowa State assumes a student in good academic standing will perform at the 2.00 (a “C”) level. If a student performs at a level below that, a quality point deficiency (QPD) may accrue. This can lead to academic warning or probation, or even academic dismissal.

For more details on Iowa State’s grading systems and academic program regulations, consult the ISU Catalog. To estimate your GPA, use the Office of the Registrar’s GPA Calculator.