English Proficiency

All electrical and computer engineering students must meet both Iowa State requirements and departmental regulations to meet the English proficiency requirement. Keep in mind that Engl 150 and Engl 250 are basic program classes in the College of Engineering, and must be successfully completed early in your Iowa State career.

Three Communications Classes

Students are required to achieve credit for Engl 150 and Engl 250, as well as Engl 314 (although Engl 309 may be substituted). You must:

  • Receive a “C” or better in both Engl 150 and Engl 250; and
  • Receive a “C” or better in Engl 314 (If you plan to transfer Engl 314 or Engl 309 from another institution, please contact your advisor).

Engl 150 Exemption

If you were placed directly into Engl 250 (based on ACT scores or the English Placement Exam, then you can earn credit for Engl 150 as long as you earn a “C” or better in Engl 250. You must take Engl 250 at Iowa State to earn credit for Engl 150. See your academic advisor if you have any questions on this exemption.


Refer to the Department of English’s English 250 and English 150 test-out pages for more information.